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Stock Opinions by Michael Farr, president, Farr, Miller & Washington

They monetized their online presence--ads have been a huge driver. And they've shifted into Reels. Meta has many more ways to monetize. Don't trade this, but invest at 13x earnings. He's confident Meta can monetize their big user base, but will need time to do it.
He trimmed Alphabet to add to his Disney shares. Alphabet had a great 2021, for instance.
Business Services
He just entered this down 45% from its highs. Their cloud and ad businesses is fabulous. Retail is not so fabulous. But at 14x enterprise value to EBITDA is the lowest in a long time. Yes, Amazon could still go lower, but he could add more shares.
specialty stores
semiconductors He owns no semis, because they are a commodity and we are in a declining economy. Earnings can grow more reliably and strongly elsewhere. You have to time your entry into semis perfectly.
Adding to Disney. The share price now is where the theme parks were closed during the pandemic. Now, the theme parks are packed. Disney+ is now in 80 countries and will add 80 more. He likes this company.
entertainment services
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