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(A Top Pick Feb 10/20, Up 16%) Executed well in 2020, exceeding guidance. Entering 2021 with a record backlog. Able to land government contracts. Technology that allows remote management, so sets them up well for the future.
(A Top Pick Feb 10/20, Down 20%) Heathrow and 407 are its two main assets. Hit by pandemic. But these will not be permanent impairments to the business. Excellent asset to own over the long term. Compelling at current valuation.
(A Top Pick Feb 10/20, Down 6%) Held up well in 2020. Speaks to quality of the assets. Plans to delever balance sheet and focus on growth.
Pure play renewable energy company, with assets in Latin and Central America. Excellent job growing cashflows. Trades at a significant discount to peers. As it continues to execute, grow cashflows, and expand outside Nicaragua, will see the valuation gap narrow and could see a lot of upside. Yield is 3.64%. (Analysts’ price target is $27.88)
Target price in euros. Cell tower company focused in Europe. Has suffered from the value rotation trade, but they've been announcing numerous deals. Deals will be accretive. Growth trajectory looks positive, and it trades at a discount to US peers, which should narrow. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $63.29)