Varun Anand
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(A Top Pick Oct 24/19, Up 19%) This is a renewable power company. Since October they had a good Q3 print. They reaffirmed guidance. They are buying back shares.
(A Top Pick Oct 24/19, Up 9%) It is a core holding for his fund. It provides defense to a portfolio. The US market is still very fragmented so they can make more acquisitions. He would be adding meaningfully on any pullback.
(A Top Pick Oct 24/19, Up 21%) They are a mid-stream company that touches about 1 in 4 barrels in western Canada.
A data center company. They have carrier neutral data center operations. They have one third hyper scale (large companies) with big companies. They only need to do 1 to 3 deals per year to hit their growth projections. Cloud computing continues to grow. (Analysts’ price target is $58.09)
A 47% investor in the 407. This is an infrastructure giant from Spain. 25% stake in Heathrow. The upside to the 407 is not fully appreciated. The managed lane opportunity in the US is underappreciated. (Analysts’ price target is $30.50)