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(A Top Pick Jul 08/19, Up 1%) It was acquired on March 13. Accounting for share value and cash, the acquisition was a 30% upside investor opportunity.
(A Top Pick Jul 08/19, Up 62%) He still owns it. The market at the time was not giving fair value for the wind generation revenues of the company. In the past 4 consecutive quarters there was generation growth and the critics were put to rest. They have added several onshore wind projects in France and a solar project in New York.
(A Top Pick Jul 08/19, Down 6%) The broadband business was seen as an infrastructure play. There were a string of broadband revenue growth cycles, but then COVID-19 hit and the theme park part of the business saw revenues fall to zero. There was a recent report suggesting splitting the business into two, and he would favor it. They trimmed their holdings a while ago, but still hold some.
A holding company for a renewable assets, transmission lines and water desalination assets. When the stock market has rebounded, despite uncertainty, he sees this as a defensive holding. He likes the yield and thinks it could grow by double-digits this year. They are a strong ESG candidate for a portfolio. Yield 5.5% (Analysts’ price target is $31.25)
He wants to be defensive right now. A multi-utility operating in Canada and the US. 99% of their assets are protected, so this protects them from volume declines and they have no exposure to commodity prices. They have increased the dividend for 46 years consecutively. Yield 3.66% (Analysts’ price target is $57.71)