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(A Top Pick Oct 24/19, Up 69%)Educational Segment. He's owned this since day one. Still likes it. It has run up a lot, so he's trimmed a bit. The business is resilient and cash flow is fine. They a had few issues with Project Gemini, but other parts of the business show strength. They continue to make in-roads with their Taiwan offshore project an closing their Colombian utility. Managers have done an excellent job building this company, but it'll take a few more years for things to materialize. ESG investing has gained a lot of steam. He'd buy more on a better entry point.
(A Top Pick Oct 24/19, Up 11%) They lowered guidance during the lockdown, then revised their guidance back up a few moths later because they saw robust recovery. Waste collection is resilient and will prosper regardless of who will be the US president or trade tensions. SO, WM is well-positioned in a highly fragmented industry that encourages accretive buys.
(A Top Pick Oct 24/19, Down 1%) They're more focussed on storage, which is more defensive in the midstream oil industry. In terms if share price, it's doing well vs. its midstream peers which are down 20-40%. Why? It's announced two new storage units and their earnings have exceeded guidance this year during the pandemic. The stock hasn't rallied because energy sentiment is so weak.
A great US stock to play 5G. They operate cell towers which will hugely benefit from the build-out of the 5G network in coming years. The small-cell benefit will benefit with 5G, which has more issues with intereference. Also, 5G wavelengths don't travel as far as with LTE networks and will be interfered by urban highrises. Small cells though can overcome this. CCI are building these small-cell towers. CCI trades at a discount to its peers.
A pure-play data centre. They have campuses across the US. It trades near the lower end of the group, but has the highest AFFO growth rates. This disconnect will fade as SWCH continues to execute. The CEO has patented a lot of tech used in their data centres to improve performance will undercutting its peers in cost. Expect an update on their edge computing which may be a growth platform for them. They raised the dividend this year and he expects it to grow more. (Analysts’ price target is $21.32)