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(A Top Pick Jul 08/19, Up 11%) 50 data centers serving 1600+ customers across Europe. He looks to invest for multiple years but they had added to their backlog and added to their planned spending on data center capacity. Then they announced they were up for sale.
(A Top Pick Jul 08/19, Up 10%) They had a couple of quarters below average in production and then had quarters above average. The price does not reflect their development pipeline. They are looking at solar in New York state but for now you are not paying for it.
(A Top Pick Jul 08/19, Up 8%) They are happy to let cord cutters leave if they replace them with more lucrative broadband customers where they don't share the profit with TV broadcasters. Operating costs are declining. He would be adding on any weakness.
The majority of assets are in Canada or Europe. They have clean-burning Natural gas generation, on-shore wind, solar, and off-shore wind in Europe. They are focused on renewable. He likes this name because they have a leg up on off-shore wind development globally. There is going to be tremendous growth in this sector but you need the expertise that this company has. (Analysts’ price target is $29.00)
They benefit when the economy is growing but also provide defense when the economy slows down. They are poised well to continue the consolidation of the US market. (Analysts’ price target is $99.75)