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(A Top Pick Dec 12/18, Up 17%) An ETF that tracks the S&P minus fossil fuels and weapons. Strongly correlates the S&P with slight outperformance. You get market returns and do good.
(A Top Pick Dec 12/18, Up 15%) Linked to the UN Sustainable Goal: educational, healthcare, food, sanitation companies. Lots of exposure to emerging markets with only 35% US exposure. This will do well along with the world ex-US.
(A Top Pick Dec 12/18, Up 107%) OLEDs will be everywhere, these screens. Every cell phone provider will make foldable phones--which need OLED screens. And there are other applications--OLEDs will kill lightbulbs. OLEDs can bend and go almost everywhere. The technology is everywhere. It will become more common, cheaper and efficient. The PE ratio is really high now, so you're banking on explosive growth in the future, but he feels that explosion will come. Adoption of OLEDs will rise as the price declines.
A Canadian green utility that's growing. They're expanding globally aggressively. There's huge offshore wind potential worldwide. NPI has wind farms in the north Atlantic and they just opened one in Taiwan and bought one in Colombia. Tremendous opportunity here. It pays over a 4.5% dividend yield. (Analysts’ price target is $29.25)
It's brand new. It replicates the S&P minus companies involved in animal testing and cruelty as well as being fossil-fuel free. VEGN performs slightly better than the S&P. It's still exposed to large caps though.