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(A Top Pick Mar 14/19, Up 1%) He would stick with it. We were through a bit of a roller coaster. You will notice there is not a lot of liquidity. It is a new ETF, about 6 months old. He expects it to track the global stock market. He has no problems sticking with it as a core part of doing no evil. Companies need to have a carbon footprint 60% below their industry average. It includes no fast food, or chemicals of concern. It has large cap global companies.
(A Top Pick Mar 14/19, Up 4%) It is mostly industrials which has been a good performing sector: Companies that clean up the environment. Use limit orders when trading. The liquidity is not always there.
(A Top Pick Mar 14/19, Up 7%) He got it the day after a bad earnings day. His timing was good. They are into long term electrification of our transit system. Public transit is an important part of a sustainable economy. It pays a really stable dividend.
It is a new ETF. This is another global ETF that is socially responsible (no tobacco, alcohol, Military etc.) and fossil fuel free. We can use this as a simple way to build a 'do no evil' portfolio. It does not have big tech companies. It will be large companies.
It is a 'doing more good' ETF. It has utilities, tech. You don't take risk but earn some income. It is a way to not pick individual technologies.