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(A Top Pick Jul 20/18, Up 1%) Great ETF that tracks the Canadian stock market. Socially responsible version of the TSX 60. This is an option for investors that want to avoid things like tobacco, military and weapons companies without giving up any of the financial performance. This will do just as well if not a little better than the TSX 60.
(A Top Pick Jul 20/18, Up 6%) More of a tech play. Doesn't like betting on specific technologies. Broad clean technologies: renewables, efficiencies, water companies, environment services companies, etc. Very diversified. Still owns it.
(A Top Pick Jul 20/18, Up 0.1%) Fell a fair bit and then sort of bounced back. They make 100% recycled and recyclable paper. Excited with the future. Signed a deal with Amazon. Also new insulated packaging that's fully recyclable, to keep things cool for food delivery companies. Thinks the company has very good growth prospects.
A new ETF launched September last year. Sustainable investing from an international perspective. Incredibly low MER at 0.15%. Gets rid of weapons and tobacco, and pure play fossil fuels companies like Shell or BP, which would not be included. However it does include pipelines and mining companies. Has outperformed the traditional Vanguard S&P 500 XUS ETF.
Just launched earlier this year. One of the first socially responsible bond ETFs. Very low MER at 0.18%. Interestingly most of the socially responsible ETFs screen out alcohol but this one doesn't. Exposure to both government and to corporate bonds.