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(A Top Pick Aug 09/18, Up 19%) At the time, the sector was undervalued, so this and others like AQN-T have since really moved up. It was a way to get income, but he also saw growth in FTS. He recently sold it after it reached his price target. Their growth outlook stretches several years and it pays a fine dividend. Growth will continue in this space.
(A Top Pick Aug 09/18, Up 2%) It's a sma/mid-cap name so a little volatile. He will hold this to $22-26. It pays a 4% dividend. They missed their growth targets in the last few quarters, but have recovered, so the price has moved up accordingly. In a good market, this outperforms, but in a weak one it underperforms, because it's levered a little more.
(A Top Pick Aug 09/18, Down 5%) Shortly after that pick, the rogue short report came out, but MFC recently won that court case. MFC went through the ringer and has since (recently) bounced back. You'll do fine with this. They get a lot of growth out of Asia, and could spin off a division in the U.S. that could create shareholder value. A good Canadian investment with exposure abroad. He also owns SunLife, but MFC offers more growth. Lifecos are a good space to invest a little money in.
The headwinds are now behind them. Offers good international exposure, upside and yield. Also a past top pick. A solid buy and hold. (Analysts’ price target is $27.64)
They've missed guidance in recent quarters and has come off, but there's now support at $30. You can trade it around $35 or hold to the mid-$40s. This won't turn around quickly, because of tariff issues. They have a good backlog and track record. (Analysts’ price target is $43.00)