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(A Top Pick Aug 23/19, Down 7%) Good, well-run ETF. Conservative. Held through the March lows. Sold it to go into some indexes and benefit from the rebound.
(A Top Pick Aug 23/19, Up 162%) Fintech and payment processing is the way of the world. SQ has been crushing it. When it outperforms, you have to rebalance. He wouldn't chase it now, but happy to hold.
(A Top Pick Aug 23/19, Down 41%) Doesn't love energy, but if he had to buy, this would be one. Better spots to put money now than in energy. Perfectly good company, but the industry is in the penalty box. Well run. If you're down, don't rush out to sell. It will inch its way back.
Get exposure to a lot of different areas. Likes the addition of Mark Carney to the ESG progam, where there's a ton of opportunity. Inching its way back up to the $50-60 range. Can buy and hold for a really long time. Yield is 1.41%. (Analysts’ price target is $53.95)
Working from home has impacted certain products. On the flip side, people have more time to take care of themselves. Part of his barbell approach to investing. Tech benefits from the stay at home economy, but when the world gets back to normal, ULTA will be there. Increase in CAD gives you a chance to add to your US holdings. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $266.17)