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(A Top Pick Sep 02/20, Up 21%) The Brookfield stocks were underpriced, given their complicated structure. BAM is a good core name for anyone in the Canadian market. This will benefit from more infrastructure activity. The CEO feels that the market undervalues this a lot, and the CEO expects share price to increase exponentially. It's a core holding for a long time.
(A Top Pick Sep 02/20, Up 35%) It was part of his barbell strategy. At the time, the economy was going to recover. Now, it's happening a lot more in the US than Canada. Ulta has done well selling via e-commerce, and a strategy partnership with Target moved the stock up. The core market is here to stay and Ulta will likely continue to outperform.
(A Top Pick Sep 02/20, Up 15%) A play on the 5G roll-out. When he bought this, there were issues with Huawei. ERIC will be in a position to win more 5G contracts, and 5G is in its infancy. Maybe it's not his first pick in this space now, but definitely hold it if you own it.
Doesn't get loved like Google or Microsoft. They were chastised for buying Slack at a high price, so the share price consolidated, but in recent weeks CRM has broken out. CRM will continue to deliver and move up to $300 with 20% upside relatively soon. (Analysts’ price target is $274.62)
The semi shortage is on, and there's no shortage of demand (from cars to videogames). AMD is a consistently better performer. It consolidated around $88-90 and is now moving up to $95ish. Supply can't keep up with demand, which is a good problem to have. The next few quarters will look pretty good. (Analysts’ price target is $100.74)