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(A Top Pick Aug 09/18, Up 33%) When he recommended it, there was volatility. You get a dividend, but also growth. Interest rates moving down, the REITs and utilities have performed well. Doesn't own it anymore since the stock grew so well. Good for income investors.
(A Top Pick Aug 09/18, Up 8%) Range-bound between $18-$20. Not sure what they need to break out. A mid to small cap name, so can move down pretty quickly in volatility.
(A Top Pick Aug 09/18, Down 3%) One of the more diverse names in the insurance space. Exposure to US and Asia. Their results have been fine, and their last quarter was good. You can collect dividends while waiting for the company to get a footing.
An equity play. It's managed by Larry Berman. There is more fixed income, more gold in it. This ETF will perform well over time. It has low volatility, and you can invest your money with minimal concerns.
The amount of online payment, and convenience, this is a good play. They will continue to build out their infrastructure and will make for a good longterm hold. Starting to see Square all over the place in the U.S. and probably will start seeing more in Canada.