James Thorne
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Sr Portfolio Manager & Chief Capital Markets Strat at
Caldwell Investment Management

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(Top Pick Feb 27/17, Down 9%) He sold at $13.50. He trimmed that back. He likes the area, but it got too much hype. He is looking to get back in.
(Top Pick Feb 27/17, Down 3%) He is adding to US financials on any pull back. They are in the value creation phase. The Fed will increase interest rates.
(Top Pick Feb 27/17, Up 27%) He still likes the company and is adding on every pullback. There is going to be a resolution on zero interest rates and austerity. He really likes European banks as well as US Banks. Canadian banks are way too expensive. You should stand back on UK banks because of BREXIT. Greece will be a big beneficiary of all of this.
With deregulation in the US he thinks this is a very interesting play. It has come back after Trump got in. Now is the time to get back in. He is continuing to buy on pullbacks. He thinks Trump is going to be able to deregulate the financial industry. (Analysts’ target: $244.04).
Don’t buy Canadian real estate. Home ownership is at decade lows. The new Silicon Valley is San Antonio. With deregulation, home ownership should increase. (Analysts’ target: $18.77).