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(A Top Pick Oct 3/16. Up 35%.) This is firing on all cylinders. The lithium market is a market that is underappreciated, both from the constraint/supply side and the expectations on the demand side. Lithium is very much an Asian story, and probably is why this company has been undervalued for quite some time. Still a Buy.
(A Top Pick Oct 3/16. Up 14%.) *Short* At the end of the day, all retailers are going to suffer the same fate from the Amazon (AMZN-Q) affect. A cheap stock, but a bit of a value trap. He covered his Short on the earnings disappointment, but would look to re-Short if it bounced materially from here.
(A Top Pick Oct 3/16. Down 3%.) You have to own gold all the time. It’s a form of currency and a proxy to the US$, which he thinks is bottoming out. Has reduced his gold exposure materially, but always has some on.
A really interesting business. They straddle 2 businesses. There is an active money manager business and then there is a path of ETF’s. Power Shares is the 4th largest ETF platform in the world. They have a very strong and growing organic active business, and a terrific growing ETF business. Dividend yield of 3.5%. Thinks the stock should trade upwards of $40. (Analysts’ price target is $36.)
*Short*. The Company derives a good chunk of its revenue through its credit card business of about 40%, and its auto financing business, another 20%. Of that business, approximately one 3rd is subprime. One weak link in the US market is the subprime market where delinquencies and some of the charges are going to increase. Dividend yield of 2.1%. Thinks the stock can trade down to $59. (Analysts’ price target is $98.)