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(A Top Pick March 16/16. Down 25.21%.) He loves this company. They sterilize pallets and do the tracking of them. Primarily dealing with eggs right now. They had to do a restatement, but it was before they had any major earnings, so it really wasn’t material. They recently announced a new client win.
(A Top Pick March 16/16. Up 13.87%.) This is a great management team that has been around for a long time, and own quite a few of the shares. There was some weird selling pressure at the end of last year. He expects to see growth on a continuing basis.
(A Top Pick March 16/16. Down 25.64%.) He doesn’t lose sleep on this company. They lent money to Urbancorp which is filing for bankruptcy. Also, got a big payment at the end of last year, so their loan book went down more than had been anticipated. They are back on track now, and he is still buying.
Great management and great Board of Directors. They just finished a raise. Doesn’t think there are any headwinds anymore. With a fully loaded balance sheet, they’ve got a great growth in their client base, having gone from zero to 42 with 17,500 payers in the last year. Just signed on an ERP Vendor news cycle, so they have 437 clients, and it is a very natural channel. Thinks they can have exponential growth this year. They don’t need any money, so there are no capital market headwinds.
This company has been in flux and is finally coming through its last phase. There has been a management and board of director change. There will be a lot of new client acquisitions and a capital cleanup, which will ignite growth.