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(A Top Pick Dec 10/18, Up 27%) It is growing rapidly and is priced at a single digit PE ratio. The PE cannot fall much more than where it is now.
(A Top Pick Dec 10/18, Up 10%) Sentiment in the oil patch is so negative that companies are not being recognized for what they plan to do down the line. He has reduced purchases on this one. There are better places to invest. It is better to get out now.
(A Top Pick Dec 10/18, Up 14%) It is a steady performer. It is more challenging in the US for them now with falling rates. He would stick with it. This is a good time to buy Canadian banks when sentiment is low.
They are expecting to grow revenues and earnings 25% next year and it is at 7 times earnings. This management team is building their second company of this sort. The 737max should resume service in January. They have 4-5% of their aircraft being the Maxes so their exposure is quite manageable. (Analysts’ price target is $55.20)
It is going to be growing its revenues over 20% next year. The multiple is only 21 times next year's earnings. (Analysts’ price target is $235.00)