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Stock Opinions by Teal Linde

Over the the last few years valuations have been a risk but not now since prices have come off. Depending on price movements over the next while the S&P could have the sharpest sell-off since 1962. Over the last 140 years there have been 20 bear markets and the average length has been 289 days. This would take the S&P from Jan.3/22 to Oct.19/22, the 35th anniversary of Black Monday in 1987 so there could be a bottom in October of this year. Property and casualty Insurance could be a good sector to invest in. Also companies that can appreciate over time and are not too volatile.
Ford has a short term focus on the release of the EV F-150 Lightning. He prefers GM since they are building new electric vehicles from the ground up while Ford is retro-fitting an existing vehicle for the EV market. Also GM is planning several EV's at once and has a cheaper valuation.
Can't predict where gold goes from here but at least it hasn't really gone down. Equinox will have a more active second half - there was a shortfall in first half production. Two other major gold companies had massive cost overruns which has affected thee price of Equinox. However their budgets were set before inflationary pressures. Equinox set its budget after inflation became an issue so it is standing by its numbers. It is a prove-it-to-me story.
Over the last week the oil and gas sector in Canada has dropped by a huge 16% while the U.S. and S&P are down 17% due to indiscriminate selling. Pembina hasn't moved much since early 2020 but its operations and cash flow are doing better Pembina and the smaller mid-streams are less vulnerable to inflation.
It is a great company but has sold off. It is splitting off the asset management side, separating it from the proprietary investment business. A pure play asset management business will be easier to analyze. The asset management business will pay out 90% of profit, making it a good income stock while the proprietary side is going for an annual 15% ROE.
management / diversified
It is off a lot but still expensive. It has three main businesses: retail, web services growing at 30% a year, advertising business also growing in double digits. It needs to sort out how to use up its capacity. If buying, just initiate a position.
specialty stores
Its revenue is 100 million which is not large. Still waiting for it to really commercialize. It raised a lot of money at much higher prices so it has good reserves of cash. The fuel cell industry is still developing and the question is can it compete against the electric vehicle system.
misc industrial products
(A Top Pick Jun 21/21, Up 6%) It has caught up but has since sold off. The challenges are due to international banking. Also it announced recently it is moving from unsecured lending to secured lending so it doesn't have the financial flexibility of other banks. He is considering selling and moving the money elsewhere.
(A Top Pick Jun 21/21, Down 51%) It was at a reasonable valuation a year ago and is now undervalued, trading at 14X this year's earnings and 12X next year's earnings. There is an advertising revenue concern. It is investing more in AI machine learning and connecting subscribers to e-commerce services but this will take a while. Lots of cash flow and is a buy.
(A Top Pick Jun 21/21, Down 30%) It showed signs of upside with insider buying but the Russia/Ukraine war caused supply shortages. In a normal year it should trade at $100.
transportation equip & components
Its focus is the cell phone industry. Apple is moving to creating its own chips. He prefers to invest directly in the semi-conductor business, especially Nvidia where the market comes to them. The GPU processor is good for AI applications.
It has basically gone sideways and is looking undervalued. Its renewable diesel project should start next year and therefore move cash flow and profitability even higher. It is smaller and not as followed but should catch on next year.
It is a mature company and it is difficult to dislodge them. Its P/E ratio is more reasonable in the 20's. It is making its own chips for its phones and laptops and the chips use less power and are faster.
electrical / electronic
It has disappointed shareholders. It tried to branch into the content business by buying large companies and then letting them go without much explanation. It also cut back its dividend. Verizon is higher quality.
Great-West Lifeco, Manulife and Sunlife are all great companies. He prefers Manulife which is trading at a discount.
Financial Services
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