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Stock Opinions by Teal Linde

Market. The striking rally in the Canadian dollar is caused by the increase in commodity prices. The US dollar has fallen against the world's major oil currencies because of large money printing, massive deficits, and an unwinding of the safe haven trade. Investors experience the Canadian Market outperforming the US as well as the Canadian currency outperforming the US. If you are on the wrong side you are under-performing on both. The Canadian market under-performed the US market for 9 of the last 10 years. These periods tend to last 10 to 12 years during the last 35 years. If you believe the pattern is going to continue then this is going to be the decade where the Canadian market outperforms.
A dividend increase is likely. They cut their dividend last year for the first time in 18 years. Oil is now priced at double their break even point. They know that shareholders like some returns. The CEO bought half a million worth of the stock earlier this month.
integrated oils
All the carriers are offering 5G. He does not expect 5G will result in increased growth in any of the carriers. The biggest opportunity in 5G is a company that provides a 5G app, product or service that really takes advantage of 5G that everyone will want. He has not found such a company.
telephone utilities
There is always a risk when there is a buyout offer that the deal falls through, but in this case there are two bidders. You should hang on and see what the final decision is.
oil pipelines
It is the most discounted insurance company in Canada. It is trading at this level because it has been the performance laggard for quite some time. It has become a show-me story. However if you were going to buy an insurance company, this would be the one to buy. There is the chance of a bounce back or a trading opportunity. It has a decent dividend while you wait for an uptick.

There has been a rally in AMZN-Q during the same period so he thinks it may be sector related. SHOP-T is not a buy given how much it has gone up. It is at 27 times next years expected revenue but AMZN-Q is at 3 times. It is only growing about 50-60% faster. He can't justify it. If you have owned it for a long time you might want to start taking profits.

Both railways are good buys over the long run. The trucking industry is having difficulty keeping up because of a shortage of drivers (e.g. to drive gasoline to gas stations). The railway industry will continue to benefit as well as to better weather increasing fuel prices.
It is in the sweet spot, a cost profile with room for improvement and mines across 4 politically stable jurisdictions. It is his favourite gold stock in the sector.
Fabulous performer over many years. They recently announced a five year plan to double their business His only caution is that the valuation is about 40 times earnings. This helps in making acquisitions if you use your stock as capital, but if all these safety new features in vehicles start to work, it will not benefit this stock.
other services
(A Top Pick Jun 22/20, Up 64%) He would still be a buyer at this price. It has come back to where it was trading in prior years. They are embarking on a new energy project which is a major deal. 3000 barrels a day of a bio fuel that replaces diesel. The government is supporting the project, making it economical to the company. It could add 50 cents to the stock.
(A Top Pick Jun 22/20, Up 132%) He would be a buyer. There is a disconnect with lumber prices. It deserves to be a higher price than where it is now.
west coast forestry
(A Top Pick Jun 22/20, Up 129%) He would recommend selling it. They are being bought out by another bank so he is no longer interested in owning it.
finance / leasing

He owned it a few years ago. It is a leader in refurbished used car parts. It turned out the acquisitions were not as economical as in the past. It recently ran up because the used car market is on fire. This will probably die down. It is because of supply shortages of new cars. Now there is a semiconductor shortage for new car manufacturing. He would not buy this one. He would prefer Premium Brands for growth by acquisition.

This is a growth by acquisition company that specializes in railway ties and has now expanded into utility poles. These are pretty mature markets. You want a combination of acquisitive growth and organic growth, so there are better opportunities elsewhere.
misc industrial products

The Rogers/Shaw deal will most likely go through. It is already reflected in the share price. You could wait for the deal to close or just sell it now as there is not much more upside.

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