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(A Top Pick Dec 10/18, Up 3%) He was saved by the dividend. It has not participated in the rally because it had a weak first half. They were all transitory issues. The main attraction is the Heartland Petrochemical Complex coming online in 2021. It should add 30% value to the company with no stock dilution expected.
(A Top Pick Dec 10/18, Up 14%) It was the only bank last quarter that released results and saw the stock go up. They had under-performed in the first quarter. This is one of his favourites of the Canadian banks.
(A Top Pick Dec 10/18, Up 16%) He has owned it for 6 years. It was growing 20% and trading at 15 times. Since then it has gone up about 7% a year but the earnings per share have gone up 17% per year. It is still expected to grow at 20% this year and next even though trading at 7 times earnings.
Growing 20% top and bottom line this year and next, at 7 times earnings it is too good to pass up. (Analysts’ price target is $52.91)
It is the fastest growing large cap he can find in the states. It is like SHOP-T, targeting the same sort of customers. Square is the point of sale device. If you missed SHOP-T, you can now go for SQ-N. It is trading at 8 times trailing revenues. (Analysts’ price target is $81.19)