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(A Top Pick Jun 24/19, Down 22%) Going forward they are in the enviable position amongst competitors. The average age of aircraft leased to airlines is 3.7 years. Older planes are retired first. So they will hang on to their AL-N aircrafts. Airlines will be in a weaker position to purchase aircraft so will be more likely to lease them.
(A Top Pick Jun 24/19, Up 42%) This is an example of frothiness in the market. Despite being up more than 50% this year, their earnings outlook for 2020 have been cut in half and by 25% for next year. This company has become detached from fundamentals. It is over-price. He sold it last month.
(A Top Pick Jun 24/19, Down 49%) There were two infrastructure projects that were completed in 2019. They were completed on time and on budget. Then there was the fall out in the oil and gas sector. It is very attractive at these levels.
They have a new large shareholder that holds 24% of the company -- It is a private equity firm. This firm has a stellar track record. (Analysts’ price target is $1.20)
Insiders were buying during their strike last year, then again this March. It is still attractive. This company has had a very consistent track record in terms of profitability. It trades at a discount. (Analysts’ price target is $1.05)