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The big five banks have had their weakest year in terms of earnings since 2016. It is weakening of the credit environment, net contraction of interest margins, especially in the US. The capital markets business has been weak for the banks also. RY-T has an opportunity to come back, if banks do, in a greater way than the others. (Analysts’ price target is $111.31)
Their earnings are growing at 17-18% and the stock price goes up the same amount, there is no bubble or inflation occurring there. (Analysts’ price target is $1453.53)
It is growing faster than GOOG-Q and the stock is trading at a valuation lower. They are growing three times faster than the S&P 500 but you are only paying a 20% premium. (Analysts’ price target is $234.21)
(A Top Pick Mar 11/19, Down 4%) Auto sales for new cars are slightly down and this hurt the sentiment for the whole segment. He probably recommended it a little too early. Despite the difficult environment, sales were up and they took market share. 6.5 times earnings. It is quite inexpensive to own. There is talk that America 'peaked-out' in autos in 2016. The two car family is becoming less popular.
(A Top Pick Mar 11/19, Up 39%) You have 20% growth on top and bottom lines next year and it is trading at 7.5 times earnings. He continues to like it.