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(A Top Pick Feb 3/16. Up 13%.) A great company, and still cheap, trading at a significant discount. When you buy this, you are buying a collection of very high quality real estate assets around the world.
(A Top Pick Feb 3/16. Up 46%.) This got a little extra kick because of the Milestone REIT transaction. Milestone was a similar REIT, Texas apartments, and a transaction created a lot of interest in this company. It is no longer a fair value stock as it is trading closer to value now. 4.2% dividend yield.
(A Top Pick Feb 3/16. Up 38%.) They’ve recently done an interesting transaction where they are taking over a US REIT, Silver Bay Realty, which invests in all aspects of the US housing industry. Silver Bay was a single-family rental, and this gives them scale. He really likes that deal.
Feels the 3 top picks have probably lagged the market unfairly. This has lagged for a number of reasons. There is a bit of a concern on the retail market in general, but he would argue that their locations are highly resilient. They’ve had their guidance lowered a little because of some of the acquisitions they did, some developments cost a fair bit of money. However, long term, this is going to work out very well. Thinks management has got the message that they need to provide more FFO per share growth over the next couple of quarters. The previous CEO has been selling which has put some pressure on the stock, but has nothing to do with the valuation of the company. Dividend yield of 4.2%. (Analysts’ price target is $23.)
Feels the 3 top picks have probably lagged the market unfairly. In the US, all retail REITs have been destroyed. This one has been beaten up too much. It is very rare to get this REIT at a discount. It has SOHO, Brooklyn, Chicago street front retail. It is irreplaceable real estate. Trading at a discount to NAV. Dividend yield of 3.3%. (Analysts’ price target is $35.50.)