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(A Top Pick June 26/13. Up 25.64%.) This story really hasn’t changed. Best in breed Canadian retailer. Has monopolistic pricing powers.
(A Top Pick June 26/13. Up 50.71%.) Sold his holdings when it hit his target. They have been able to remodel their stores to achieve better economics. Expanded in Europe through an acquisition. Thinks there is still upside on this. He would be looking to enter again on a pullback.
(A Top Pick June 26/13. Up 68.68%.) Trading relatively cheap compared to its US peers, and extremely cheap on the Canadian side. Had an extremely robust Canadian business. Significant value was created by selling their Canadian division. Exited when it hit his $30 target.
Phenomenal company. Believes people will continue to have an affinity to them. Recent pullback presents a buying opportunity. In the long term, they will continue to deliver double-digit growth. They have yet to really penetrate Asia and Europe, and that is where the next goal is. Trading at about 22X forward earnings. Believes they will continue to earn high double-digit growth. It will be hard to find another company in the Consumer Discretionary space that has the pricing power and the growth that this company has.
This is a key opportunity to buy a name that is cheap, before it re-rates when it communicates with its partner Agnico Eagle (AEM-T) on how they are going to plan to grow and showcase the Malartic Mine. Also, produces copper.