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(A Top Pick Dec 8/14. Up 37.01%.) Predominantly US in their earnings and revenues. Cotton prices have cooperated. Have moved up from just being a maker of T-shirts, underwear and socks into a brand of their own. They have a near-shore operation so that they don’t do things in Asia, which he thinks is an advantage. Still likes.
(A Top Pick Dec 8/14. Up 4.96%.) Gas gathering and processing. Doesn’t have a lot of direct commodity risks, but it does have throughput risks. Its assets are in the right area, and he thinks they come out of this downturn better. Still likes it.
(A Top Pick Dec 8/14. Up 18.07%.) A REIT with their assets in the US, which is largely distribution warehouses. Good management. They have been going through a strategic review for the last 6 months, so he expects they will sell their portfolio as there is a lot of demand for their type of assets.
A bit of a steady Eddie in this market environment. Not the cheapest stock out there, but they have done a good job of justifying their valuation. They continue to grow revenues and their earnings. Have about 80% market share of Canadian theatres and are branching out from that. Very good at selling concessions to clients in those theatres. Have all sorts of different drivers of revenue inside the theatre. Branching out into a new concept called The Rec Room where they will have entertainment centres across the country. Also, moving into E gaming. Dividend yield of 3.3%.
Valuation has come off a lot. They are doing the right things. They are streamlining the speed of their networks up. Thinks US economy continues to grow and he has taken advantage of the dip in the valuation data position. Dividend yield of 0.82%.