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Have a bunch of buildings with AAA leases, all to Magna (MG-T). Converting to a REIT in December. Compared to other REITs, it is trading at 2/3 of its value. Will start paying a $2 dividend in December. Under levered. Worth $43.
Started with yard services but are now the 3rd largest real estate brokers globally and largest manager of residential properties in the US and Canada. Trading at about three quarters of the valuation of its competition. Very cheap. For a long term hold.
Largest wireless phone company in Europe. A third of its business is in Africa, middle east and Asia. Trades at about 14X earnings. Worth mid-$40s. Yields about 3.5%. Owns 45% of Verizon (VZ-N), largest wireless in the US.
(A Top Pick July 22/11. Down 41.47%.) Still buying this. Oil tankers are not going to improve until at least next year at best. Long term hold.
(A Top Pick July 22/11. Down 3.17%.)