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Markets. There is a very good case for a Santa Claus rally if you look at 4th quarter historically, which is generally a good quarter. Doesn't happen every year but thinks it's a pretty good bet this year.

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Theoretically the Maple bid is coming through at the end of January giving $33 a share in cash, which they say is worth $55 and the stock is trading under $45. Looks okay.
other services
Major Caterpillar dealer in Canada. Have had some managerial problems, which are easily solved. The agricultural revolution seems to be intact. Stock is been knocked down too low.
wholesale distributors
Cdn banks have 2 businesses, retail and investment. This bank closed their retail business in the US when it didn't work. The question is, how are they going to effectively reinvest all their excess cash. This will continue to plague them until there is some clarity.
Insurance companies are contra cyclical to interest rates. When rates go down it is not good for them. Long rates are currently very low.
Great company. Stock has done nothing for a long time. Business has been re-created in much more manufacturing and much less financial services. The manufacturing is really doing well and coming into its own. Stock in the future.
electrical / electronic
2 businesses, trains and planes. Train business is very good and is worth more than the present stock price. Plane business is good but it is slower because of the economy and the C series, which is slow to get orders. C series is the plane of the future. Cheap but will take a while.
transportation equip & components
Feels the dividend is safe. On the long term gas is a great thing. Half the price of Europe’s because you can’t transport it. LNG plants are being built globally. In 1.5 years you will start to see more gas being transported east, which is good for this company. If you can hold on for a few years, you’ve got a huge winner. 4% yield.
oil / gas
Doing really well and will continue to do so. High dividend. Stock is worth $50.
telephone utilities
Have a bunch of buildings with AAA leases, all to Magna (MG-T). Converting to a REIT in December. Compared to other REITs, it is trading at 2/3 of its value. Will start paying a $2 dividend in December. Under levered. Worth $43.
property mngmnt / investment
Started with yard services but are now the 3rd largest real estate brokers globally and largest manager of residential properties in the US and Canada. Trading at about three quarters of the valuation of its competition. Very cheap. For a long term hold.
other services
Largest wireless phone company in Europe. A third of its business is in Africa, middle east and Asia. Trades at about 14X earnings. Worth mid-$40s. Yields about 3.5%. Owns 45% of Verizon (VZ-N), largest wireless in the US.
(A Top Pick July 22/11. Down 41.47%.) Still buying this. Oil tankers are not going to improve until at least next year at best. Long term hold.
Transportation & Environmental Services
(A Top Pick July 22/11. Down 3.17%.)
investment companies / funds
(A Top Pick July 22/11. Up 6.28%.)
publishing / printing
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