Jeffrey F. Olin
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Vision Capital Corporation

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(A Top Pick Jan 18/11. Up 5.15%.) Still likes it but he sold most of his position. Has a very nice distribution of 8.6%. They are overpaying their distribution but he believes they are going to grow into it. There was some disappointment when only one of their 8 Zellers’ stores was picked up by Target.
(A Top Pick Jan 18/11. Up 45.63%.) Unique in that it is a corporation, not a REIT. They don't pay a dividend. Have grown from 272 apartment units in 1998 to about 7800 units with a net equity capital of $10 million. Focused in Western Canada. Appraised value of $42.80 a share and he thinks it will get to the $33 range. No dividend.
(A Top Pick Jan 18/11. Up 52.2%.) 8th largest real estate entity with 18,000,000 ft.². Diversified into different asset classes. The independent appraised value is $140 a share. Still a Buy.
A consolidator and developer of child care centers in Canada. The leading player in this space. There is a shortage of 165,000 child care spaces. Has grown from zero in May of 2010 to 4500 licensed childcare in 44 centers. Outstanding management. Back up the truck.
Are in 2 segments. 1) Specialized aviation with the government being their largest customer and 2) manufacturing. Just announced a $500 million contract for cell towers with AT&T over 3 years with one of their recent acquisitions in the US. One of the best managed companies in Canada. Dividend yield of 6.6% and an 80% payout ratio. Looking for $30 next year.