Jeffrey F. Olin
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(A Top Pick Jul 31/19, Up 7%) Few real estate stocks have a moat, and this does. They are the biggest player in temperature-controlled warehouses worldwide. Great managers. It's still early, so there's room to run. Still likes it. Also a top pick.
(A Top Pick Jul 31/19, Up 14%) Super managers. The oldest, biggest REIT around. They are diversified. They own ERE.UN-X. They can easily build 10,000 apartments on land they currently own. Canada suffers from very low vacancies and strong demand for apartments in cities like Toronto, driven by immigrants, students and Boomers who are downsizing.
(A Top Pick Jul 31/19, Down 8%) Should be at $175. It's a corporation, not a REIT, so not in REIT indices. Pays no dividend. They're completely self-funded with their own money. Outstanding world-class assets. They just announced a strategic review. Rumours of a sale inflated the stock, but the company didn't sell after all. So, investors dumped the stock. It has since recovered 80%.
In industrial real estate, a great space, but also in a protected niche--refrigerated warehouses. Difficult to build these, so this limits competition. They benefit from growing demand for fresh food and ready to eat food. Fine managers. Valus will rise in this space, and there'll be a secular re-rating as investors recognize COLD's niche. High growth ahead. (Analysts’ price target is $40.06)
Shrewd managers. Pays a 2.6% dividend. He targets $13.50. They're entirely in residential real estate which he likes--single-family homes in the southern US, and 7,200 US apartments, also land development. They're in high-growth markets. The stock is now cheap due to a big acquisition and a stock issuance. Expect a recovery this year. (Analysts’ price target is $13.33)