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4.079% bond due Aug 20/15. Raised a lot of capital and too big to fail. Come under a lot of pressure because of their MCCSR ratios and market has punished them. Very sensitive to interest-rate and equity market moves. If nothing happens economically, you get paid your coupon and get your money back.
7.5% bond due Aug 19/19. One of the largest P & C operators in Canada with the significant presence in the US. $1 billion in net debt and $5.5 billion in receipts (?).
6.132% bond due Nov 30/16. Have one of the biggest energy assets. Pre-sell 70% of what they produce. Well run. BBB security, which is in investment grade.
(A Top Pick Aug 12/09. Up 11.85%.) Still a buy.
(A Top Pick Aug 12/09. Up 10.46%.) Still a buy.