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Very inexpensive. Well-managed. Good project just outside of Edmonton. They have a major gas play and, if successful will give a lot more upside.
Has had a small correction, which gives a great buying opportunity. Going to start to drill aggressively in 6 to 8 weeks. Will drill up to 15 wells though the end of December. Estimates that 12/13 of these will be successful.
Should double their production by the end of this year versus last year. Have 10 wells to drill. Vary cheap on an asset basis. Besides their drilling in western Canada, they are also drilling some successful deep wells in Texas.
Primarily a winter drilling company and cold weather is on its way. Drilling about a dozen expensive wells in Northern B.C. Have a good asset base in Central Alberta. Possible take-over candidate.
90% weighted natural gas. Excellent management team. Looking at close to $.50 cash flow per share next year. Production is growing by 20/25% each quarter.