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Stock Opinions by Beth Hamilton-Keen

Facing headwinds with the competition. There is also a lot more competition in the pricing of the different plans.
electrical / electronic
Corporate Bonds vs. Equities: Bonds are showing very attractive yields. Upside is limited. If interest rates recover you don't have any upside. Attractive yields are in the much longer bonds, which is not something she would not be willing to commit to. Large cap equities, because their value has dropped so much, are showing very attractive dividends, quite comparable to some corporate bond yields.
Suncor Energy Inc
Likes this for a long hold. Well diversified and trading at good valuations. Trading on a long-term $30 barrel price, which is probably not sustainable.
integrated oils
Russel Metals
RUS Beaten up. Earnings outlook for 2009 is quite low. Unique in that they are counter cyclical. In this recession they are drawing down inventory so cash flow is quite strong and allow them to support the dividend for a good 2 to 3 years. 9% yield.
Has suffered during the economic downturn. Likes them for the long-term. Should be able to sustain through the recession and weather the volatility. Strong balance sheet.
management / diversified
Gold: Feels gold companies are not valued properly in relation to the underlying commodity. They're usually quite a premium associated with them. She can't justify the valuation levels so she is not interested for a long-term investment.
Cineplex Inc
Recession resistant. Great yield. Have about 60% of the business in Canada.
other services
Owner, operator and developer in neighbourhood shopping malls and anchored by large grocery stores, drugstores and banks. Good management.
property mngmnt / investment
Saputo Inc.
Major dairy producer and supplier in Canada. Also have a significant weight in the US and other global markets. Recession resistant. Great balance sheet. Have been growing by acquisition.
food processing
You want to be careful with any company, particularly in the energy sector, to be sure you are buying a diversified company and will sustain and weather in an economic downturn.
oil / gas
Banks. Preferreds or Commons? Prefers the common shares at this point in that they are providing good dividends and have the upside of a common stock.
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