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He is looking to take the leveraged play out for the investor. He wants people to make money if gold continues to go higher. If gold dropped, mid tier stocks would get hammered. It’s a defensive gold selection.
The big fear of Wal-Mart coming has now gone. Weston has their supply chain in a position where they can compete. They can grow their earnings in 2011 even if the economy is weak.
Income theme. The fuel and energy and power services that they provide will continue to make them money even if there is a slowdown in the economy. The dividend would continue to reward investors in the future.
(Top Pick Oct 2/09, Up 50%) Sold half his position at a great profit. Will let the rest ride for a while. Suspects gold will go to $1500 and will drag silver with it.
(Top Pick Oct 2/09, Up 40%) It hit his 25% target and he exited.