Vinny Catalano
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SPDR High Yield Bond ETF. High yield of around 13%. High yield market still has a very wide spread vis-à-vis treasuries and that spread is expected to narrow even further because the sector overall is not going to experience the default rates that the 13% yield rate is suggesting. With any kind of an economic improvement going into next year this is a good place to park your money. Also potential for upside gains.
SPDR Gold Trust ETF. Every portfolio should have 2% to 5% in gold. Watch for the technical analysts not to ring the bell that this has formed a head and shoulders bottom, where you break the neck line and market technicians will start talking about a move to $1200-$1300. Will rise with weakness in the US$.
A 2-fold play. 1) Long term sector with a play on global growth and emerging economies with the need for basic materials. In a cyclical recovery, basic materials tend to be one of the early beneficiaries. 2) Gold miners, which have been acting quite well.
(A Top Pick Jan 2/09. Up 13.73%.) Long-term play on infrastructure.
(A Top Pick Jan 2/09. Up 82.05%.) Brazil long-term play but he is scaling back a little because it is a little frothy and he doesn't like the developments about wanting to have nationalization or increased exposure on energy related issues.