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Being acquired by Marathon (MRO-N). He is buying it for the sum of the parts of the valuation. Basically what you are getting with the Marathon take out is cash and about 33% of stock. You also get a junior international exploreco, Western Zagros in Kurdistan, where there are significant light oil deposits. Market is not fully valuing this company.
A Norwegian company. Largest tanker company in the world. This is especially important to the yield hungry investor who has been playing the royalty trusts. Has about a 15% yield. Only trades at about 4X PE. Tanker stocks cash flow a significant amount of money. Try to pick it up closer to the $42 range.
Undervalued story. Junior gas focused company with 70% gas in Alberta. Probably one of the best management teams in the patch. Has come down significantly from its highs. You now get it below NAV. Clean balance sheet. Could be a takeout candidate. Buy a little bit now and if Alberta does not implement the royalty review, buy more.