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Yellow Media 7.75 % 3/2/2020. High investment grade, generating good free cash flow. Deleveraging and paying down debt. Converted from income trust in November without any fall out. Doesn’t have a problem with the equity. Biggest risk is a big slowdown in the economy.
5.16% bond callable May 24/22. Trading at a discount. Yielding over 7%. Feels they have made the transformation out of the government’s hands and have divested a lot of non-core assets. Good global franchise.
(Top Pick Dec 29/09, Up 14.67)
(Top Pick Dec 29/09, Up 19.01%) Reach his targets that he set for it.
Citigroup Bonds: 5.16% 05/24/2027 Thinks they have gone through the worst. Very, very good turnaround. Not super liquid so it takes time to get into this position. Have a good franchise. Have proven they can cut costs – management is doing a good job.