Lesley Marks
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Vice President & Portfolio Manager at
Jones Heward Investment Counsel

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(Top Pick Nov 24’10, Up 43.71%) Was a top pick last time. Still likes it. Positive on outlook for copper. Generally when they move from pre-production to production, you see am example in multiple. If you can ride out this movement you will do well in this name.
Likes the platinum aspect and there are very few options. There industrial as well as consumer demand. Balance sheet looks good. Offers growth in production. It was overheated in ’08, which it is below at this point. They are back on track now. They are more likely a takeout target than Bear Creek.
(Top Pick Nov 24’10, Down 28.61%) Concerns were about union negotiations but oil price is now more of a concern. Jet fuel is about 25% of their operations.
(Top Pick Nov 24’10, Down 3.44%) Moving towards production and expect valuation to increase. Feels it is getting hit due to what is going on in Libya.
They will be producing in 2012. One of her favorites. They will go through a multiple expansion. She is also positive on Silver.