Pat Naccarato
Member since: Apr '07
Vice President and Portfolio Manager at
AIC Limited

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(A Top Pick Nov 30/07. Down 43%.) Investment management firm. Value style equity managers got hit but should rebound. They are #3 fixed income managers globally and had short-term performance issues. Valuation is so compelling that you will ultimately do well.
3rd largest global advertising agency. New management are in the process of restoring margins and profitability. Stock was impacted by the economic turndown. Fundamentals are turning upward. Good price.
Gets paid whenever anyone wants to move a phone number from one carrier to another. It is a monopoly and has a contract until 2015. Expanding globally. Has not been affected by the economy. Enormous free cash flow and no debt. Other business is SMS on cell phones. Transitioning into instant messaging, which has been slow to take off.
(A Top Pick Nov 30/07. No change.) Hair cutting franchise with 13,500 locations from Wal-Mart to higher salons. Also have Trade Secrets products. Recession resistant. Have never had negative same-store sales in 80 years.
(A Top Pick Nov 30/07. Up 11%.) Acquired by Macrovision (MVSN-Q).