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About 75% oil and would normally not be one he would be truly interested in. He is looking past the commodity price to their ability to grow their underlying production, reserves and cash flow. Very strong management team. Very strong balance sheet.
Very strong natural gas exposure. Now is the time you want to get involved with gas companies when they are at their low. Very strong management. Grows both by drilling success and prudent acquisitions. There is no premium built into the stock price now because of management.
(A Top Pick Oct 27/06. Down 2.4%.) Hit by soft natural gas prices. Continues to have solid underlying growth in its production. Very strong portfolio of medium risk natural gas exploration and development properties but it also has some very high impact, deeper gas drilling targets in western Alberta.
(A Top Pick Oct 27/06. Down 17.5%.) Has done a good job growing its production, but with crude selling off like it has, share price has suffered. Has a play in the Pembina Nisku area and have been very successful in expanding their reserves and production.
(A Top Pick Oct 27/06. Up 4.5%.) A relatively small business and has a tremendous ability to grow, generating increases in revenue and cash flow.