James Leung
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Assistant Vice President of Investments at
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(A Top Pick Jan 27/06. Down 24%.) Was hurt quite a lot because of the perception that currency exposure would hurt. Valuations are compelling. Probably one of the best operators in the specialty hospital business. Cash flow is very secure and their currency hedge protects this until 2008. Payout ratio is 85%.
Bleach manufacturer. Once Clorox hedges come off they will be able to raise their prices. Recently diversified into the consumer health sector by becoming a contract manufacturer for Johnson & Johnson (JNJ-N), Pfizer (PFE-N), etc. Distribution of 10.6%.
Mattresses are big-ticket items. A recession resistant type of business. Management always under promises and over delivers on their financial results. Payout ratio has decreased since their IPO to about 75%. Will probably expense some costs because of their Quebec acquisition.
(A Top Pick Jan 27/06. Up 2.5%.) Expect the synergies from their last year’s acquisition will come through in the next 6 months. Payout ratio is very comfortable at 85%.
(A Top Pick Jan 27/06. Down 13%.) Hurricane hit one of their plants last year so they had to undergo some downtime and raw material costs have gone up. Believes these issues are temporary. 14% yield is pricing in any risk factor.