Patrick Kim
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Vice President and Portfolio Manager at
KBSH Capital Management

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A very cheap name right now. Investors are frightened of the retail space, primarily because of the weak US$ and cross-border shopping cutting into the margins. Same-store sales growth has been double digit. No debt.
Natural gas pipelines in Western Canada. A solid name that has been overlooked by the market. Very experienced, well-run management team. Good asset growth with some small tuck-in construction. Very cheap.
This is going to be a great industry to be in. Investors will value stability a lot more going forward. There will be a sector rotation eventually into the ultra defensive names.
(A Top Pick Nov 1/06. Down 5%.) Rents continue to go up and vacancies continue to do well. There is a larger debate as to where interest rates should be right now.
(A Top Pick Nov 1/06. Up 15.5%.) As one of the larger names, he looks at this as a bellwether. Fantastic market share. Spins off a lot of free cash flow. Very aggressive.