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(A Top Pick Apr 28/06. Down 7.4%.) Getting caught in the decline of need of drilling rigs. A very good trust.
An excellent play on oil. They made some interesting acquisitions. Good management. Excellent technical expertise. 10.5% yield.
Current yield of 8.5%. Mortgage broker, but also manages mortgages. Have software that allows mortgage brokers to get real-time information about mortgage applications. Gives them a very strong niche.
(A Top Pick Jan 20/06. Up 7.7%.) Still likes it. Currently yielding about 10%. Its unique in that it owns properties and farms out for other companies to drill on and then collect a royalty. Very conservative management.
(A Top Pick Jan 20/06. Down 6.3%.) Still likes it. Feels it's one of the highest quality REITs out there.