Brian Acker, CA
Member since: Oct '00
Chief Executive Officer, President and Chief Inves at
Acker Finley Inc.

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(A Top Pick Jul 17/18, Up 5%) He favoured the US banks after the election of President Trump. If the Fed cuts more than 25 points this week, this would hurt them. He feels the banks outside North America are effectively bankrupt already -- especially in Europe. He still owns this as he feels they are still well capitalized, although he has taken some profit.
(A Top Pick Jul 17/18, Up 2%) He still feels it is cheap and the balance sheet is strong. He likes the dividend yield. He would still buy at this point. His model price is almost $90 -- huge upside.
(A Top Pick Jul 17/18, Up 37%) He has recommended this for many years. The model price is over $73. A back door into blockchain technology. Yield 2.43%
He loves the healthcare space. His model price is over $179. Yield 2.85%
His model price is $248.90. He thinks they will buy back a large chunk of stock, that will only improve the model price. He last bought it in June 2013. Yield 1.47% (Analysts’ price target is $211.11)