Brian Acker, CA
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Chief Executive Officer, President and Chief Inves at
Acker Finley Inc.

Latest Top Picks

(A Top Pick Jul 29/19, Up 10%) He would stick with this one. When a vaccine comes forward, he expects them to bounce up. His model price is $203 -- over 40% upside.
(A Top Pick Jul 29/19, Up 84%) Over 40% of Berkshire Hathaway's portfolio is AAPL. He bought in in 2010 and has never sold a share. It is now above his model price, but he still sees it moving towards $500 in the not distant future.
(A Top Pick Jul 29/19, Up 1%) He would stick with this. They are in the same space as PayPal and Visa. This is a payment processing company. They acquired a company that came with a high goodwill value, so its taking time for earnings to prove out the buy.
He likes the technical chart that is about to break to an all time high. The pandemic has had no negative impact on the stock. He has a model price of $83.80 -- about 46% upside. They are doing huge share buybacks. They are in the Top 100 of the S&P. Yield 1.69% (Analysts’ price target is $54.90)
He has a model price over $111 -- a 95% upside opportunity. Yield 3.13% (Analysts’ price target is $66.94)