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This summary was created by AI, based on 2 opinions in the last 12 months. Ltd. (MNDY-Q) is on track to have their first profitable year in 2023, with free cash flow expected to increase by 700%. The company's work collaboration software, known for its almost-no-code technology, is intuitive and appeals to non-tech savvy users. Although still unprofitable, anticipates reaching profitability earlier than expected. The price target of $226.25 suggests potential growth, but analysts' target of $185.71 indicates some skepticism. Overall, is showing promising signs of financial improvement and technological innovation.

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On track to have their first profitable year in 2023. Free cash flow is on track to be up 700% though from a very low number. Passes the rule of 40 test, where revenue growth + free cash flow margin passes 40.


Work collaboration. Israeli company. Claim to fame is that it has almost-no-code technology, so you don't have to be a tech whiz. Software is intuitive. Still unprofitable, but anticipates profitability by Q4, earlier than expected. Price target of $226.25. No dividend.

(Analysts’ price target is $185.71)
(A Top Pick Oct 20/21, Down 76%) He traded out. SaaS got hit the hardest with the spike in interest rates. Reports later this month. Low code, no code type of software. Great company. Decent runway from here. He wants to make sure there's a bottom before stepping in. (Analysts’ price target is $148.61)
(A Top Pick Oct 20/21, Down 70%) Poster child for SaaS. He backed away from a lot of them last November, as it's the most highly leveraged segment and reacted badly when interest rates spiked in February 2021. A real company, he still follows it. (Analysts’ price target is $148.50)
Work management tools. About 3/4 is work management, and the rest is software development tools. Unifying workspace that lets people build tools they need to track projects. Metrics are attractive. Buy in thirds here at $371, 334, and 300 if you're lucky. 12-month target of $476. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $345.56)

They went public last month. It jumped upon its debut and soared further after that. It's at $205 today, down a lot from its peak. So this may be a buying opportunity. It's a new cloud company with a sky-high, nosebleed valuation. Buy this only with money you're prepared to lose. The pandemic has forced companies to rapidly digitize, which is a huge tailwind, and things won't reverse. MNDY software is easy to use for customers, for example to automate processes. MNDY software also allows marketing and project management. MNDY is growing rapidly, 27% customer growth in a quarter. However, operating profit is a big negative (-39% operating margin last quarter). Sales and marketing expenses to continue to outpace revenue, and they recently did a private placement selling shares to CRM and ZM, which can be risky.

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What is Ltd. stock symbol? Ltd. is a American stock, trading under the symbol MNDY-Q on the NASDAQ (MNDY). It is usually referred to as NASDAQ:MNDY or MNDY-Q

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On 2024-04-15, Ltd. (MNDY-Q) stock closed at a price of $184.315.