Hasn’t spent a lot of time looking at this, however, he is an investor in lithium, which is a big beneficiary of what is happening with the proliferation of batteries. Owns Albemarle (ALB-N), which is trading at new all-time highs. Also, owns the ETF Global X Lithium (LIT-N).


Lithium stocks in general have done very well. Lithium is a key ingredient in batteries, and there definitely is a shortage. This company has a pretty good deposit in Argentina, which is where some of the best deposits are found.


Lithium Sector. There about 80 Canadian lithium stocks. They are all the rage in association with Tesla, batteries, LG and so on. The sector has been raging for a long time. Eventually they will produce enough that Tesla will be able to get the prices down to where they want them.


Lithium is the flavour of the moment. Rare earths had a run about 7 years ago. The big battery thing is behind lithium now. There is a stronger fundamental case for it. The run is not necessarily done.


Lithium has been an incredible story for the last 5-6 months, and this is probably the market leader in terms of capital appreciation. The thesis is that this is going to be the Go-To institutional name for lithium. Thinks the price increase is going to continue.


An exploration company for lithium. Lithium is a very trendy area these days, kind of on the back of Tesla launching the model 3. A lot of the stocks have doubled or tripled in the last month or 2. Lithium is basically an industrial mineral, and there is quite a bit of it available globally. Most of the market is controlled by 3 major producers. It is a little opaque trying to find out what is going on. Speculative.


Very keen on lithium. Goldman Sachs calls it the new oil, because it goes into batteries that are used to propel Tesla and other electric cars. There is going to be a lot of demand for it and demand should grow. Tesla’s Gigafactory in Nevada will consume an enormous amount of lithium as it cranks out cars. There are not a lot of good lithium deposits, so prices are going to go up. This company has property in Nevada, and just acquired an option to acquire the entire property. However, it is the team behind it that is of particular interest to him. That is why the stock has done so well and trades at a premium. Their goal is to become the “go to” big name for lithium. If they get there, they are going to make investors a lot of money.


Lithium is a very attractive and interesting space right now, because car batteries use a lot of it. Lithium pricing has started to move higher and there is a supply/demand imbalance. In the market we are in, there is not a lot of new capital for mining stories, so he thinks this imbalance may persist longer than it normally would. They have a good deposit in Nevada. This has a shot at making people money. He owns a little. (See Top Picks)

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Lithium X Energy Corp is a Canadian stock, trading under the symbol LIX-X on the TSX Venture Exchange (LIX-CV). It is usually referred to as TSXV:LIX or LIX-X

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