They just put out a very attractive preliminary economic assessment level. Alabama is a very attractive place to mine because of weather, not a lot of regulations, cheap labour, etc. The PA looks very good. Had a Net Present Value of about $580 million Cdn. There has been an enormous amount of volume traded, but it hasn’t moved. Thinks this is more a reflection on the market that we are in right now. A very attractive project. Still a lot more work to do and it is still speculative.


Highly speculative junior mining. This one has held in quite well. The new Tesla factory for batteries is a big factor in this stock’s future. He hopes ALP-X will be a supplier.


It’s not easy building a mine. You need location, jurisdiction, infrastructure, etc. A lot of graphite deposits in Canada will never be mines. There are too many hurdles. This one is in a great jurisdiction and they have power and water on the property. It has also found naturally occurring graphene in their deposits, which adds a tech sizzle to it. Just add a small position to your portfolio.


He got in early and it went down and now has come back. It is one of the best graphite deposits in North America. The demand is for car batteries. The spike recently is from the discovery of naturally occurring graphine in the mine. It is a wonder material. It is very early days yet. This is becoming more of a tech story than a mining story. It is high risk, but could be a multi bagger.


A very small resource play. A graphite deposit in Alabama. In a great jurisdiction, low cost, good weather and easy to get permitting there. Demand should grow with the increasing use of car batteries. Tesla is building a big battery plant in Nevada and will need graphite. Early stages. Highly speculative. If it works out, it has some serious upside. However, there is a lot of risk.


Very small and very risky. Graphite is an interesting material. Graphite is used in batteries, including the Tesla batteries who’re building a big giga factory in Nevada. The gamble here is that this company may be a supplier of graphite to that factory and others. This is a speculation.


This is very small and speculative. Graphite is used in batteries from cell phones to Tesla cars. Tesla is building a giga-factory, and will be a huge buyer of graphite. The demand side looks good. Supply tends to come from China, and they are shutting down mines and putting export taxes on production. You want to make sure that the graphite play has a chance of becoming a mine. If you are interested in speculating on a resource name, he likes this one.

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Alabama Graphite Corp(CSPG-X) Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alabama Graphite Corp stock symbol?

Alabama Graphite Corp is a Canadian stock, trading under the symbol CSPG-X on the TSX Venture Exchange (CSPG-CV). It is usually referred to as TSXV:CSPG or CSPG-X

Is Alabama Graphite Corp a buy or a sell?

In the last year, there was no coverage of Alabama Graphite Corp published on Stockchase.

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Alabama Graphite Corp was never recommended as a Top Pick on Stockchase. Read the latest stock experts ratings for Alabama Graphite Corp.

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0 stock analysts on Stockchase covered Alabama Graphite Corp In the last year. It is a trending stock that is worth watching.

What is Alabama Graphite Corp stock price?

On , Alabama Graphite Corp (CSPG-X) stock closed at a price of $.