Latest Stock Buy or Sell?

Today, Stockchase Discover commented about whether IFC-T, F-N, CVS-N are stocks to buy or sell.

Allan Tong’s Discover Picks EV’s remain a fast-growing segment in autos, and Ford is wise enough to invest heavily in it by building an assembly plant in Ohio. The company grew 5.6% in the past year and is expected to maintain that pace in the coming year. Last month’s quarter was strong enough to support a 50% increase in the dividend, now paying 3.95% at a low 10.47% payout ratio. Shares themselves are still trading very low, at a 5x PE above $15. That marks a $4 jump from a month ago, when the market was evacuating Ford like a sinking ship. Those fears were overblown. In fact, Wall Street puts the forward PE at 7.15x though. Read 3 Recession Proof Stocks for our full analysis.
Allan Tong’s Discover Picks Since early February, IFC-T has been range-bound roughly $172 and $190 where it trades as of this writing. While the market continues to rise this summer, volatility won’t vanish as long as inflation rages, so look for IFC to fall below $180 before stepping in. The current rally was triggered by the company’s quarter released at the end of July where the $3.14 EPS easily beat the street’s $2.78. that EPS marked a 21.92% YOY. Also, Intact beat its prior four quarters as well. The price target for IFC stock is $214.78, and the forward PE is 19.93x, much higher than the current 13.04x, so Bay Street is confident. Read 3 Recession Proof Stocks for our full analysis.