They report Tuesday. They've made a lot of money during the pandemic. He hopes they buy another drug company to make up for looming patent explorations in the coming years. Shares were crushed today. Good yield and trades at 6x earnings, though.
biotechnology / pharmaceutical
They report Tuesday. He likes it. Trades at 39x earnings which the market consider too expensive and fears EL's key Asian market will close due to Covid. He bets the CEO has tackled this problem. This will fly again.
Consumer Products
They report Tuesday. They just bought Xilinx and could report an upside. This has fallen hard from its high, so even an inline quarter could send these shares flying. Buy this.
electrical / electronic
The recent strong travel data points to decent numbers when they report Tuesday. Caution: they have a high PE, but then again that may not matter.
They report Tuesday and it could be rough no matter what given the lockdown in China. He expects the CEO to address the worker unionization drive.
food services
They report Wednesday. They capitalized on vaccinations and people have rediscovered the chain and like it.
specialty stores
They report Wednesday. They made a lot of cash during the pandemic, but they need to expand and can't be a one-trick pony. Need to broaden their portfolio.
Pharma & Healthcare