Doing well compared to the group. Long way to go. There will be volatility, but energy is underowned. Great assets. Prefers CNQ, but both are great. Trades at 8x next year's earnings, balance sheet good, paying down debt.
oil / gas
There will be volatility, but energy is underowned. Great.
oil / gas
Part of a tech cohort that's behaving differently than the rest. More value tech at 17x earnings, dividend of 2.6% that will grow. He'd take a growing dividend of 2.6% over fixed income of 2.6% any day. Tech will not be the best neighbourhood to be in, but he owns this segment as he's looking for a more stable return rather than vague promises of future returns.
electrical / electronic
Won't be profitable for quite some time. When a stock plummets so quickly, there's an army of sellers just waiting to get their money back. Unless your horizon is really long, not a place for new money until technical picture improves.
Investing strategy. We're in a bull market. Go there instead of bottom feeding. 80% of a return is getting the sector and the market right; 20% is picking the right equity to take advantage of this. He's low in his tech weighting. You've had a multi-year timeframe to own tech. Now a lot of people are trapped at higher prices, who were late to the game. Be cautious about buying something with so many built-in sellers. Go to the sectors that are underowned and outperforming, where everyone who's there is happy because they're making money. Estimates will keep going higher, will become a bigger part of the market, better earnings growth in the near term. Go where the bull market is, not where it was.
Growing at 13% this year, 15% next year. Yield is 4.3%, and that will probably grow high single digits per year. Defensive. Won't hugely outperform, but total return will be pretty good. It's an offensive defensive, that scores a few goals from time to time.
telephone utilities
Healthcare has been tough. JNJ has done better than the group. Rising RSI since November. Yield is 2.5%, with 6-6% dividend growth. Pretty attractive. Sector won't provide a huge tailwind, but a good journeyman position.
biotechnology / pharmaceutical