Telecoms enjoy an oligopoly, all good income stocks. Rogers pays 3.5%, though she owns BCE. Rogers is fine, though it lags its peers. The Shaw deal is a good, long-term move for Rogers.
A small-cap green energy company. This sector will continue to grow and INE is expanding into the US. They issued some equity. Buy any green power producers on pullback.
electrical utilities
The stock has been on fire, getting even more expensive. They are buying more companies to expand. LSPD has been using their high share price to issue shares and buy companies. The valuation is way too high for her.
They're transitioning out of coal. It's a decent income name, though already owns enough utilities like AQN and Fortis.
Energy Infrastructure, Industrials & Utilities
They merged with United Technologies, so half their business is defence and half commercial aerospace (including Pratt-Whitney engines). The overhang comes in international air travel; so far there's really only domestic travel. For this to happen, vaccine rates must increase to allow cross-border travel. Vaccine passports help. When planes don't fly, they don't need service on planes which benefits Raytheon. The stock is expensive now, but she will hold onto it. International travel will increase their revenues, but won't bounce back perhaps till 2023-4. Their defence business remains steady. RTX is in strong shape, so it can weather this period.
Owns it for the safe 7% dividend. In energy, she owns only the pipelines. ENB can keep raising the dividend. ENB has long contracts so there's a safe income stream.
oil / gas pipelines
She likes it for their 1 billion customer base. Apple will benefit from the 5G upgrade cycle; we're in the early innings of this. This afternoon, Apple will launch another upgraded, 5G phone. They've transitioned well from hardware (computers, phones) to services on a reliable subscription basis which now account for a third of their gross profits. Nice recurring revenues streams in Apple cloud and Apple music, and their wearables business has done very well, including the Apple Watch. Her three young adult daughters own the Watch, iPhone and Mac Pro, so Apple products resonate with a young demographic. Long growth to come. (Analysts’ price target is $165.82)
electrical / electronic