There's shortage of worries: inflation, and the Delta variant which is already impacting China a little. He's not interested in travel and other reopening stocks, because they're priced to perfection. That's why they are showing weakness with the emergence of Delta. But energy infrastructure, health, utilities and financials are attractive, are defensive and can pass the test of time. So, no airlines or movie theatres. Covid may transition so that'll we'll handle it with annual vaccinations. Likely, the ripples will be felt for a long time, just like the 2008 crash was felt for years.
It's one of Abbott's biggest competitors. It's in an attractive industry, medical equipment, where companies earn good returns. But BSX's valuation is high, gotten ahead of itself (like the whole sector), so wait for a pullback. BSX had a strong quarter as non-elective surgeries have bounced back, but its PE is rich.
biotechnology / pharmaceutical
A big disruptor. They had an efficient cost structure before going public but endures. The service itself is great for consumers, but the stock fundamentals are not there now. Another worry is competition with Expedia and other players entering this space. Then, there are legislative pressures that may arise.
If you already own this, you're very well positioned. The banks forward PE is 11x is fine. They can't raise dividends or buyback shares until regulators allow them, which is likely to happen. US banks pay far lower dividends, but buyback more shares, but it's the reverse with Canadian banks. Expect returns for TD in the future: 4% on the dividend, 1-2% on buybacks + topline growth.
They report tomorrow It's in a challenging sector. Who has the best chips? The best next-generation ones? He prefers Taiwan Semiconductor, given lower risk. That said, NVDA is top of the class in this space. He expects strong earnings tomorrow; demand has never been stronger for their chips. His only complaint is NVDA's high 44x forward PE. Taiwan is around 24x forward PE.
computer software / processing
He's long followed this and used to own it, not now because of oil prices. There are so many incentives to raise oil production which will likely moderate prices. SU is vertically integrated, so it's more durable than peers, and it has a massive, strong balance sheet. They position themselves as a dividend play. It could be a counter-cyclical acquirer which could add company value. Energy stocks have rebounded sharply this year, too.
integrated oils
H&R plans to sell a major property He follows it. It's a diversified REIT so are valued very lowly in today's market. It trades at 9x FFO. HR has taken steps to fix their problems, so shareholders must be patient. The underlying value is there. Don't rush to sell it after this tough time, and collect the good dividend. He like Artis REIT with its active management making the fundamental, long-term moves.
property mngmnt / investment