Latest Stock Buy or Sell?

Today, Jim Cramer - Mad Money commented about whether ON-Q, ETSY-Q, TTWO-Q, NUE-N, CLF-N, TSE-N, LUV-N, F-N, KBH-N, LYB-N, UBER-N, WMT-N, HOOD-Q are stocks to buy or sell.

His favourite videogame stock for ages. It reported good numbers--top and bottom decent beats--but cautious guidance on Monday; a couple of major releases are delayed. The stock got crushed this week, from $173 to $157 today. This has bottomed before, so it may come back again.
computer software / processing
It rallied during the lockdown, but yesterday it reported gross merchandise sales growth slowed from 132% in Q1 to 13% in Q2 while revenue growth fell from 142% to 23%. We knew this decline was coming. However, management gave slightly weaker guidance for the next quarter and that's why the stock fell today though rebounded from its lows. They're still bringing in millions of new customers while habitual buyers was up YOY. Also, they made two exciting acqusitions--the Etsy of Brazil and a popular resale platform that GenXers love.
They reported Monday a fine top and bottom line beat with good guidance. Certainly, one to look at.