Market Outlook He suggests putting money into the "risk-on" assets. The market was weakening back in April and had cautioned clients pause. Now they believe an intermediate low has been established and are recommending capital be redeployed back into the market. Today's price action is likely a signal we are about to move to new all time highs. This includes getting back into the crude oil space -- especially the integrated companies.
It continues to be under pressure and they believe commodities are challenged longer term. Here they saw a multi-month rally which could show upside into September. This could rally back to key resistance near $3.50 followed by a resumption of the bear trend. He would sell into this rally.
oil / gas
He likes the chart and added to their position a few months ago. The recent sharp price move higher is signalling a need for time to digest the move. He expects another move higher shortly.
It is trading near long term key support at $20 and appears to be building a good base. A breakout to the upside would signal a potential move towards $40. He would wait for the break out through about $25 before entering.
Business Services
It is in a longer term down trend since early 2018. He thinks gold may be forming an intermediate peak and could face a resumption of the bear trend soon over the next month or two. He would be taking profit here and buy back later after the pullback.
precious metals
A sell. It has been in a longer term down channel since 2017. Compared to the relative market it has become a value trap and the stock is unloved.
specialty stores
The stock's uptrend has recently broken down. He likes the longer term up channel that has formed since early 2018 with higher significant lows, but thinks it may take time before it regains its momentum to the upside. The TMX announcement later today may impact the share price significantly.
oil / gas pipelines