Markets. A lot of companies in the resource sector have had to cut costs and now you are seeing more in the small cap resource sector. The small caps have underperformed for so long you could expect to see, from history, performances of 100-200 percent. If you see outperformance in the small caps for the remainder of the year then you will see more money move to small caps. You may see some IPOs in the small cap sector later this year.


Revenues and market cap around $15 million. They will be a beneficiary to the infrastructure build here in Canada. It looks interesting here and he thinks they signed some contracts here.


Has been a good performer, possible the best IPO in the last couple of years. He took some money off the table at $50 and then added back to it when it fell. It is not cheap, but he thinks they will grow into it. He thinks larger cap managers will start to look at it.


He has a small position. They have been lucky in terms of their earnings. A pristine balance sheet. He thinks the market has been quite volatile for them and the visibility is not what it once was. The right time to buy this company is when they miss a quarter because their contract signing is rather lumpy.

computer software / processing

Keep riding the wave. They just reported blow away numbers. Every time he tries to buy it he cannot because he is such a big fund. They continue to come out with good earnings and have some properties where they can crystallize some value. He would definitely hold this name for individuals. There is not much liquidity to this name.


He has not followed it closely over the last year or so, but his previous employer has gone into it big. The grades are getting better. He likes this story. The Canadian dollar is a bit of a headwind compared to before. He holds other names.

precious metals

He has never been a fan because of no revenue nor earnings. It is a highly competitive market. He would not invest in it. It is hard to value it when there is no earnings.