Latest Stock Buy or Sell?

Today, Bill MacLachlan commented about whether TD-T, TECK.B-T, TRP-T, LTS-T, MBT-T, L-T, RCI.B-T, Y-T, X-T, T-T, BAM.A-T are stocks to buy or sell.

Likes the way they diversified into global asset management. Good management. North America’s largest hydro producer. Tremendous portfolio of Class A real estate. Really a global asset infrastructure play.
management / diversified
(Preferred A) Likes the free cash flow and dividends (currently over 4%).ROE of about 13%. Good growth potential despite all the competition. Has a new product called OpticTV, which has proven to be quite successful and will help them to compete.
telephone utilities
With changes in pricing and the changes in markets, competition has been stabilized and is starting to diminish. 4.8% yield is supportable. Trading at 11X next year’s earnings. Reasonable dividend growth.
other services
For a long term business plan, he just doesn’t see it. Information they provide is available free on line. A shrinking business that will have shrinking margins.
communications / media
Companies in this space are facing huge competition but over the long haul, with increasing use of smart phones and the data (where the profit margin is), a lot of these companies are going to do quite well. Also increasing convergence of smart phones, TVs, internet, etc
Doesn’t expect any growth potential. Had been concerned with their inability to retool their supply chain regarding competition with Wal-Mart (WMT-N) and has made great progress, which has been reflected in the stock price. Doesn’t see it getting much stronger.
food stores
Facing significant competition in pricing on the wireless side. Can’t see much growth potential. Good yield of 5.7% but can’t see anything else going for it. Better choices out there.
telephone utilities