Latest Stock Buy or Sell?

Today, David Driscoll commented about whether IBN-N, LUXTY-5, ESI-T, GS-N, CX-N, SNN-N, IFP-T, ONEX-T, MSFT-Q, BCE-T, GIB.A-T, ANP-T, PWF-T, BBVA-N are stocks to buy or sell.

This is a difficult time for any of the paper stocks. Highly leveraged to the time they are not getting the kind of payback from price appreciation. Would avoid the entire sector right now.
west coast forestry
Democratically, the growth in hip and knee replacement is in the 6/13% range per annum. The entire sector has been knocked down in the last year and a half because of FDA problems in price fixing by a lot of that has started to clear away.
biotechnology / pharmaceutical
Concrete is still in demand. The tariffs in the US have been lowered which will help them. Money earned will help pay down more of their debt. Good value.
cement / concrete
Like all the investment banks, this has had a huge run. As long as the economies continue to do well, and underwriting fees continue to grow because more deals are being done, they will do well.
investment companies / funds
An indirect way of playing energy. If oil/gas prices continue to rise, they will continue to make good money. Prefers Trican Well Service (TCW-T) as it is more weighted to gas and he feels this is where supplies could be short.
oil / gas
MacQuarie Bank is an Australian bank. The symbol is MQBKY-N, but is not registered under but can be purchased from the Sydney Exchange. Gives exposure to the Australian economy where the market has done nothing for the last 2 years but is starting to wake up. Involved in infrastructure deals.
Revenues were up 30% because they signed a big deal with one of the fashion designers. Valuation is somewhere between $35/45. Moving into China.
biotechnology / pharmaceutical