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There's a lot happening geopolitically (Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Hamas), and Washington was gridlocked as it looked for a House speaker, but fortunately Canada was not effected. Canada is stable politically and economically as inflation is declining as are interest rates. TSX is trading at 13x PE vs. 19x in the US. The TSX pays a 3.5% dividend yield vs. 1.5% on the S&P. There's pressure on yield stocks here (telcos, banks, utilities) as investors have shifted out of them, but he sees defence in energy stocks which pay large dividends and are supported by high oil prices. Invest in companies with recurring revenues, profits and healthy balance sheets.

Finning Int

50% of revenues are in western Canada, plus Chile and the UK. Higher commodity prices offer this some momentum and pushed FTT to new highs this year. But this is a cyclical name, so careful. Yesterday, CAT shares fell on shrinking demand, so that's a canary in the coalmine for FTT. Profits are decent and so is the PE. Take profits,

wholesale distributors

They transitioned well into digital by offering data. A low capex, recurring revenue business. Likes that, but profits need to catch up to the new business model. Not quite there yet. Trades at a high 40x PE. Is sitting on the sidelines. Charlie Munger says the money is made in waiting.

publishing / printing

Good managers. Usually trades at a premium. Long-term story is strong. Geopolitics will encourage sales in defence planes (flight simulators). Profitable and ROE needs to improve, though. Enjoys pricing power. Won't buy because the valuation is high.

transportation equip & components

Well diversified geographically in Canada and beyond and in end markets. Strong balance sheet, but profits are below the market average. (Will change company name and ticker.)

Linamar Corp

Well-run, clean balance sheet, cheap PE and pays a small dividend. Will do well buying and holding this.

transportation equip & components

High quality, good operations in oil and gas, mostly in western Canada. High returns. Energy is very defensive now, but is also cyclical, so results can be volatile. Expects oil prices to remain high for a while. Are generating lots of free cash, so could raise the dividend past 4.3%, buyback shares and buy companies. But shares are at all-time highs. Take profits and buy on dips.

oil / gas

Shares have been weak the past year. High barriers to entry and has a predictable 5-7% growth rate. Profitable with steady cash flows. Valuations have fallen to a reasonable level, but his major concern is their debt. Prefers TC for its more manageable debt.

oil / gas pipelines
Stella-Jones Inc.

US infrastructure demand is lifting shares. Well-run and returns are higher than the market. Trades at a good PE. Buy on dips or even now and hold long term.

misc industrial products
Richelieu Hardware
(A Top Pick Nov 30/22, Up 9%)

A strong home renovation cycle will push shares higher. Good profit margins, balance sheet and returns. Managers own a lot of shares. More room to run.

BCE Inc.
(A Top Pick Nov 30/22, Down 13%)

Investors have been shifting into bonds and out of this and other dividend stocks. No change in BCE fundamentals. Pays a 7.5% PE at 15x PE, so good to own now and hold.

telephone utilities
Bank of Nova Scotia
(A Top Pick Nov 30/22, Down 14%)

A good company and now is a good time to buy it. It's the most international of the Canadian banks. Shares are down because of their weak Latin American markets, a new CEO transition, and a review process. High returns and pays about a 7% dividend.


Has done well for him. A long-term hold. Highly diversified geographically with 14,000 stores in 24 countries. Boasts one of the largest revenues in Canada. They execute M&A like a well-oiled machine, regularly buying companies and still has a lot of cash to buy more. Strong balance sheet. Pays a little dividend yield. Trades at 17x PE, a premium to the market, but worth it. A quality compounder.

food stores
Power Corp

They simplified the management structure in recent years, resulting in shareholder value. Have assembled a good collection of assets, profitable at the market average, but a stronger balance sheet than average and pays a 6.3% dividend. Trades at only 9x PE.

mngmnt / diversified
Cameco Corporation

Reported strong earnings yesterday. Has good assets in fine jurisdictions, but that isn't adding to their profitability, which lags the market. Also, shares have run up.

integrated mines
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