Stock Opinions by Sarat Sethi, Managing Partner, Douglas C. Lane & Associates

Apple Inc
It's a bellwhether. They have global demand and global supply chain. They have the pulse of the consumer.
electrical / electronic
They're partnering with taxi services in New York which will improve cash flow to keep that positive in coming quarters.
Walt Disney Co.
Really likes it. It's a complete play on the revenge (travel/leisure) economy. People want to come out. The average theme park ticket costs 40% more than two years ago. Add to that Disney+ which has a bad quarter recently, but are working towards more subscribers. Add to this Hulu. All this means people are coming out of Covid shutdowns. Add to this international travel this summer or fall. This company has tailwinds to earnings growth. Yes, they're spending money to attract more subscribers. However, they have a lot of content they don't need to spend on. Disney is spending money for the future and he loves companies that do this. He's holding this for 3-5 years.
entertainment services
What matters is how quickly the market discounts the 50-basis point rise in rates. Doesn't mean the S&P will return to 5,000, but there will be some rotation. Financials and healthcare are trading at a 25% discount to the market and could see earnings growth, which could drive indices.
It's a bellwhether like Apple. Semis are doing well and 5G demand is rising. Qualcomm is a depressed stock with a great balance sheet and are buying back over $10 billion of shares. This and Facebook and Google are value tech stocks that you should buy on dips. Investors will reward true earnings and growth during rising interest rates.
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