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The S&P has been on a juggernaut rally, hitting 48 record highs this year so far and has doubled from the pandemic low of March 23, 2020. Any worries ahead? The tide isn't lifting all boats. The S&P is up, but the Russell index and transportation and financials have not made highs for the last 4-5 months, so you need to pick certain sectors. It comes down to picking. Only some stocks are lifting the S&P to new highs.
The 10-year yield His technical analysis: the 10-year yield has moved down since its 1.77% high earlier this year then fell down to 1.2% in mid-July, but when it rallied to 1.38% the yield hit a ceiling and closed today at 1.28% which disappointed those who expected it to rise higher. The popular belief of it hitting 2% by year's end won't happen. Given the yield, tech looks good. The XLK chart shows an uptrend since Dec. 2019. Likes this sector. Buy it.
MongoDB, Inc.
Technical analysis: The chart shows it's poised to catch up with the sector and show upwards performance on its own. Also see his thoughts on XLK and the 10-year yield this day.
The trend is your friend, and stay long in this.
Technical analysis of its chart LOW has made new highs since last fall, but compared to the S&P chart in terms of performance, LOW peaked 10 months ago and continues to struggle. LOW vs. HXV (homebuilders ETF): LOW is flirting now with 52-week relative low performance. Something isn't working and he doesn't like the stock. The current chart shows a break in the trendline and support at $180; it closed at $190 today. He predicts a 10-point retreat after next week's quarterly report if it disappoints. LOW underperforms the home-builders.
misc industrial products
Micron Technology
Technical analysis of its chart It's terrible. That's it.
computer software / processing
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