Andrew Moffs
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Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager at
Vision Capital

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A sector he likes – apartments – a location he likes – US sunbelt. It is affordable apartments. It is very defensive. Everyone needs a place to live. Management is highly aligned. They are adept at operating. There is 30% upside. (Analysts’ price target is $16.25)
Temperature controlled warehouses. They are an integral part of the food chain. There is high demand for their space. There is no new supply in this space. It trades at the same multiple as an industrial warehouse but has double the growth. (Analysts’ price target is $39.79)
He likes the industrial space and management. They are adept at creating value. They have a pristine balance sheet. They can go on the offense and make acquisitions. He sees value in their Magna leases. (Analysts’ price target is $69.93)