Andrew Moffs
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Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager at
Vision Capital

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(A Top Pick Nov 04/19, Down 16%) He continues to own it. He believed there would be quarterly volatility. There are peaks a valleys throughout the year. He has been aggressive buyers recently.
(A Top Pick Nov 04/19, Up 10%) He likes this company a lot and thinks highly of management. They did a great job of diversifying away from their biggest client.
(A Top Pick Nov 04/19, Up 11%) It is a classic name to own. US apartments traded in Toronto. He sees a huge discount to net asset value. Apartments are in the sun belt.
You want it to be recession resilient but still have growth and this fits into that camp. A similar portfolio to theirs recently sold at a 4.6 cap rate. Even if you put the cap rate as low as 5 on HOM.UN-T you get an $18 stock and it is $13 today. (Analysts’ price target is $17.94)
70% of their portfolio is the single family US rental homes. 18% discount to NAV with peers at a premium. Very strong management and a great board. (Analysts’ price target is $13.65)