Andrew Moffs
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Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager at
Vision Capital

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(A Top Pick Mar 05/20, Down 15%) He's still buying it today. Affordable apartments in the US. Navigated well through the pandemic. Cheap stock, well situated.
(A Top Pick Mar 05/20, Up 17%) Likes their strategy. Use technology adeptly, so margins and valuations have gone higher. Big runway.
(A Top Pick Mar 05/20, Up 9%) Demand exceeds supply in Canada, so lots of runway. Valuation is cheap. Uses technology well. Market leader.
A way to diversify away from Canadian markets, but still listed on the TSX. Cheap. Lots of upside. Great job of recycling their portfolio. Great chance to buy a smaller, higher growth REIT. Yield is 4.54%. (Analysts’ price target is $16.19)
Focused on Dublin market, where there's a severe shortage of housing. Ireland is one of the winners of Brexit, as well as being a tech hub. Trades at big discount to NAV. Nice company, nice growth. Yield is 3.90%. (Analysts’ price target is $1.52)