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Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager at
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(A Top Pick Apr 30/20, Up 11%) He continues to own it. He is a very large holder. He thinks highly of management. It trades at a large discount to NAV.
(A Top Pick Apr 30/20, Up 12%) Post-pandemic there is a trend of de-urbanization. People desire more open space rather elevators. This, coupled with work-from-room, caused single family rentals to really take off. It still trades at a discount to NAV.
(A Top Pick Apr 30/20, Up 13%) It is US assets listed on the TSX. They have large warehouses to deal with eCommerse, which is rising post-pandemic. It still has quite a bit of upside.
They are primarily focused on residential single family homes in the US. They focus more mid-market than their peers. The rents are lower so affordable for tenants today. About 98% occupied. There has been a lot of demand for people leaving high rises for single family homes. (Analysts’ price target is $11.39)
In a week or so it will graduate to the TSX. This is a great company, focused on apartments in the Netherlands, a country with a severe housing shortage. There is no competition. There is a rent control system like ours, in the Netherlands, but they get very attractive rent increases. There is a very attractive, internal growth and first mover advantage. (Analysts’ price target is $4.89)