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Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager at
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He likes the valuation. US residential in the sun belt. They are expecting a 10% home price inflation in the US in 2021. It is already trading at a discount to net asset value. It could be trading north of $15 in the future. The stock has been temporarily depressed. There is a big runway in single family housing. (Analysts’ price target is $15.29)
Warehouses for E-commerce. It is growing nicely. They just announced an interesting transaction where they will grow their portfolio dramatically. It will become the best North American industrial real estate play you can buy in North America through a publically traded company. The stock has been temporarily depressed by a stock issuance to fund their acquisition. (Analysts’ price target is $15.31)
He had avoided the retail space but is now bullish on necessity-based shopping and that is what they address. The stock has been depressed because cash flows came off during the pandemic and they cut the distribution temporarily for probably two years. It is trading at a big discount to net asset value. He likes management and the setup. (Analysts’ price target is $19.50)
(A Top Pick Jun 25/20, Up 50%) He would buy it again. It is one of the largest holdings in his fund today. The company focuses on residential in the US – single family rental space. They have a multi family portfolio also. They are in the US sun belt. They collected all the rents and rents went higher.
(A Top Pick Jun 25/20, Up 3%) A big play on Dutch apartments. Its competitors across Europe trade at all time highs. There is a lot of upside here. During the pandemic we only saw rents go higher. It is externally managed by a Canadian REIT.