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(Top Pick July6/17, Up 14.98%) Refineries are on everyone’s screen because of the Texan floods. It is a top pick today. They are in-land refineries and are still operating. It also has 300+ convenience stores and sells asphalt and jet fuel also. He does not think they will gouge their customers because of the floods.
(Top Pick July6/17, Down 16.96%) He sold on July 18th. He expected greater coverage by brokers and it never materialized. It is a 2018 story when their Hemp seed oil takes off.
(Top Pick July6/17, Down 15.23%) It is up since he first recommended it in his newsletter.
It is terrible what happened in Texas, but in any case they have a captive market for their diesel and gasoline. 14% yield. Analysts think the Houston refineries will take a long time to work out. This is a longer term play on those refineries not coming back soon. (Analysts’ target: $12.00).
He recommended it back in May. This was without a hurricane. They are in the South East in the sweet spot. (Analysts’ target: $50.00).