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(A Top Pick April 20/17, Up 11%) Gets access to European and Japanese markets that he's been adding to. Has lower volatility, choosing stocks with a lower beta. It underperformed the overall EAFE index, but still a good area to be in. Promising changes in Japan with huge increase of women in the workforce and increasing immigration to fill jobs. Europe just had its highest PMI.
(A Top Pick April 20/17, Up 10%) Recent pullback partially due to scare about their talcum powder. JNJ is the biggest, most diversified healthcare company in the world. Deserves to trade at a premium—16 times next year earnings. It should be worth more. Divident solid. Great pipeline in pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Healthcare is his biggest overweight in the U.S.
(A Top Pick April 20/17, Up 12%) Huge asset management platform. Strong stable in India. Increased in Canada with Excel Funds. Will see near-term growth of 8% and will benefit from U.S. tax cuts. Continues to own it.
Seeing better valuations and better growth in EM as well as stable financial systems and high tech, particularly Asia. Will do better in market pullbacks, focused on consumer side and technology.
It passed Enbridge but has sold down quite a bit in past weeks. Past decade has seen consistent revenue growth. Had blacklog of $24 million worth of projects that will come online in three years in the U.S. and Canada. Will access to U.S. shale. Predicts 10% earnings growth and dividends continue to rise. Expects Keystone to get built. (Analysts' price target $71.35)