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(A Top Pick Sep 26/19, Down 30%) He bought more in the March trough. Performance has been disappointing. Still holds a small position. It bounced back partly since March. The value and expectations in mortgage REITs is so low now, so he still holds a small position of this. This is trading well below book value. Pays an 11% dividend, so higher-risk, but continue to hold it.
(A Top Pick Sep 26/19, Down 18%) Expectations and valuations for European banks are so low now and have been so battered. A good sign is that Europe is moving towards a discal union. This ETF is poised for a massive cyclical bounce. At least, you're paid to wait with this ETF.
(A Top Pick Sep 26/19, Up 22%) South Korea has endured this pandemic and proven to be resilient, and not blown its national balance sheet (like western countries). Their main exports are cars and tech components. South Korean assets are overlooked and under-owned, trading at 10.5x earnings and pays a good yield. SK is integrated on global supply chains. It is the poster child for post-Covid success.
South Korean stocks are undervalued. The economy is resilient, having endured Covid well and totally integrated into world supply chains. It's benefitted from some supply chain shift away from China. South Korea is attracting more foreign capital flows. Samsung is EWY's biggest holding at 22%.
As tech has pushed up the broad markets this year during Covid, financials and industrials have been left behind, but they will rise in the coming recovery as a sign of the global economy healing and the global cycle taking off. We see early indications that momentum is starting to return in the industrial sector.