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(A Top Pick Feb 25/19, Down 7%) It is domestic demand that is driving corporate profits in China, rather than export or trade wars. This is a buying opportunity.
(A Top Pick Feb 25/19, Down 4%) The capital spending that occurred in the sector in 2010 was massive. The sector will be either soaring or sandpapering. They are in a volatile range. He is still sitting on gains in it because he bought it much earlier. It was deeply oversold. He is looking to sell it at some point but still recommends it. It's 80% in the US.
(A Top Pick Feb 25/19, Down 3%) It is about 65% emerging markets. It is a one stop shop for merging market exposure.
It is the largest 300 companies trading on mainland China. He thinks the trade wars are a trading opportunity. China is now reflating. They will start to change into an earnings-driven theme instead of a policy-driven theme. It is a long journey from an export-driven market to a consumer-driven market.
It had a bout of bad news last year. Now the Korean stock market is very cheap and earnings multiples are attractive. Assuming there is not an all-out trade war, it is a place to get significant upside.