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(A Top Pick Sep 06/18, Down 4%) It is a broader based pick. This is for his view of a stabilizing economic outlook. It is a broad international small cap.
(A Top Pick Sep 06/18, Up 14%) It is the on-shore Chinese market. It has low expectations and earnings are bottoming.
(A Top Pick Sep 06/18, Up 10%) He has been becoming more aggressive recently. This is seen as a safe haven during trade wars.
It does not hold physical properties. Companies borrow short and lend back long into mortgage backed securities. He feels short rates will be kept down and the long end will start to rise. Mortgage defaults are really low right now. The yield is about 8.9% right now.
It has been left for dead. It is cheap. The dividend yield is near 6%. The catalyst will be the move in fiscal policies in Europe.