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Markets. People are taking a second look at the Trump administration and wondering how long will it take to put through some of his measures. The market rally is not entirely about the new administration. What we have seen is optimism over the underlying economy and then how much more positive it will be under these new measures. We are seeing a dichotomy in the economic news. There is optimism, but no data to back up the sentiment. Ultimately the underlying economic story will drive stocks. She thinks we may be starting a decade of strong growth.

Procter & Gamble

It has had quite a good run over the long haul. Recently it had a pop after going sideways for a while. She tends to like these stocks when we are worried about the economy. It is fully valued right now. This is not a buying opportunity. It is a good long term holding.

misc consumer products
Parker Hannifin Corp

It is probably poised to do well with the industrials as a whole. It is not a bad buy for the long term.


We have seen the pull back across the biggies. They are now trying to get into content. Investors are trying to decide what it is they own. There is a large retail investor base in this stock and it no longer looks like it will be a utility stock going forward. The 4.9% dividend may not be reliable in the long term, although there is no stress on it. The content business is not historically that reliable to pay a dividend out of.

telephone utilities

It has been a fabulous stock. It seems to be doing everything right. It diversified away from sugary soda. The risk is thinking of it as a reliable beverage company. There is always the risk of a trip-up. She would prefer it to Coke (KO-N).

food processing

A perfectly good long term holding. It had a recent pop and if you had a lot of profits she would recommend taking some off the table. You expect it to grow in the US with GDP. Internationally there is still room for them to grow further. She thinks they are doing everything right. but it is a rich stock right now.

food services
Medtronic Inc

They have struggled over the most recent years after being a darling. There is the question of how healthcare will be paid for in the US. Device companies have the hardest headwinds. They are also in a very competitive area. It is not expensive and is a perfectly good way to be in the health care area. Their struggles may mean they have more upside potential if the healthcare sector improves.

biotechnology / pharmaceutical
Marathon Oil

It is a big question mark as to how these companies will do under new regulation. They have really struggled and come down over the last few years. Don’t put too much faith in the forward PE on this stock because estimates keep going down. It probably is a value play here.

integrated oils

It has been a great stock for quite a while, doing better and better. They had a very good earnings report recently, especially in the aerospace division. If we see higher defense spending in the US they will benefit.


(Top Pick Nov 9/16, Up 17%) She continues to buy it. The story is intact for rising interest rates and lower regulation. They are well positioned to do meaningfully better going forward.


(Top Pick Nov 9/16, Up 13%) You can own it for the long term. They are 15 years behind McDonalds. They are reacting well to changing trends. It was going sideways for about a year and is still off its peak so there is plenty of opportunity.

food services
Walt Disney Co.

(Top Pick Nov 9/16, Up 22%) You can’t ever say it is not a great company. She just waited for the stock price opportunity.

entertainment services
Viacom Inc.

It continues to be in a turnaround situation where there is plenty of upside as they improve things. She thinks there are a few more years and then you still hold it long term. The assets are every valuable and they have been just struggling with management.

entertainment services

It goes in very long waves. It is about very long cycles. It will take a number of years for MAT-N to come back again.

household goods
Twitter, Inc

It is a frustrating stock. She has traded it around a bit. The asset has value. It is the very first news outlet and there should be value there. It depends how long you are willing to wait for them to turn over the company. It depends on your patience.

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