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(Top Pick Nov 9/16, Up 17%) She continues to buy it. The story is intact for rising interest rates and lower regulation. They are well positioned to do meaningfully better going forward.
(Top Pick Nov 9/16, Up 13%) You can own it for the long term. They are 15 years behind McDonalds. They are reacting well to changing trends. It was going sideways for about a year and is still off its peak so there is plenty of opportunity.
(Top Pick Nov 9/16, Up 22%) You can’t ever say it is not a great company. She just waited for the stock price opportunity.
It is a small regional player, the largest deposit taker in the state of Alabama. The banks will continue to benefit from the slow increase in interest rates. This is an attractive stock. It is in a good position now after cleaning up its portfolio after 2008. (Analysts’ target: $15.00).
A very big player, and has long been a leader. The stock is a long way down from its high. She thinks this company and stock will come back strong. It is a beautiful entry point for it. (Analysts’ target: $151.00).