Daniel Straus
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Head of ETF Research & Strategy at
National Bank Financial

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(A Top Pick Oct 18/18, Up 9%) At the time they were feeling pretty good about Canada and they still are. Total return swap. Derivative contracts. The cheapest ETF in Canada at only 0.03% MER. Because of the uncertainty around its derivative structure its hard to say if its tax efficiency will cary forward in exactly the same way.
(A Top Pick Oct 18/18, Down 9%) A very long-term hold. Still believes the value factor will reward long term investors. In the current environment it make sense to really consider pure passive index as your primary equity exposure instead.
(A Top Pick Oct 18/18, Up 11%) Multi-asset portfolio ETF. A testimate to the confounding power of the low-volatility anomaly. Low vols stocks tend to do very well. If you are thinking of a passive ETF like VBAL or XBAL, this ETF gives the same sort of exposure but restricts the equities securities to low volatility for Canada, US, international and merging markets.
ESG stands for environmental, social, and governance. Very trending. This particular ETF uses MSCI own ESG scoring method and rebalances the weight to maximize the score in the underlying exposure, while still tracking the parent benchmark. You are not going to get a significantly different experience investing in this over any S&P 500 or MSCI USA index ETF. It's going to give you U.S. exposure with less exposure to firearms, tobacco and that kind of thing. 0.25 MER. Yield 0.26%.
This is what they are using in their ESG model portfolio. Tracks a quantitative index. Tries to build out a portfolio of Canadian companies that are as diverse from each others as possible, which can be a very useful corrective, particularly for the Canadian market that can be concentrated in energy and ressources. A little bit of a better risk-adjusted return, potentially, at least that's the promise. MER 0.67%. Yield 1.87%.