Daniel Straus
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Head of ETF Research & Strategy at
National Bank Financial

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(A Top Pick Mar 12/19, Up 15%) It has been a good performer since its inception. It moved out of Canadian energy stocks at a pivotal time based on its rules based methodology. It looks for the lowest beta Canadian stocks. This is an actively managed fund he feels as it has a human element to it as well. A conservative investor would like this one and could perhaps match it with a lower cost passively managed fund.
(A Top Pick Mar 12/19, Up 18%) A US market ETF that hedges currency based on various rules. It takes the guess work out of currency.
(A Top Pick Mar 12/19, Up 6%) A fairly actively managed bond ETF. Its cost is only slightly higher than a passive ETF. It tracked the Canadian bond index quite well he thought.
Value might make a play again on 2020 and Canada could be a great spot. MER 0.68%. Top Holdings include Kinross Gold, Martinrea, and Canadian Natural. Yield 2.05%
More of higher risk, higher return holding. It has a lot of weight in China (37% of the portfolio). Global growth will start to participate in the growth seen in industrial markets recently, he thinks. MER 0.24%. Yield 2.65%