Andrey Omelchak
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President & CIO at
LionGuard Capital Management

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(A Top Pick Jul 29/20, Up 13%) Continues to deliver. Beat expectations. Good cash position. Remains a prime takeout candidate. Growing organically despite Covid. Helps small and mid-cap companies with their phone and other communications.
(A Top Pick Jul 29/20, Up 17%) #2 in the domain business. A cash cow. Steady and predictable. Also have a mobile business and a fibre business. In this environment, expects them to have many more installations and business should boom. Top management. Would buy at these levels.
(A Top Pick Jul 29/20, Up 48%) Booming in this environment, and should continue to do well.
Great company. Growing organically. Adding new clients. Providing e-commerce solutions to selling products online. Trades at a big discount. Recently raised capital. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $12.00)
Customized, prefabricated environmental office interior solutions. High net cash position. Significant upside because of their flexible business model. Surge in office reconfiguration taking place across North America. Top management. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $3.46)