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(A Top Pick Jul 27/17, Down 7%) Down as they face growing competition. So, they're re-positioning and spending to diversify their business. Generates high ROE and is well-run. The CEO holds a lot of stock, which is big positive.
(A Top Pick Jul 27/17, Down 6%) Volatile. It's come down a lot, but there's a lot of upside ahead. Well-managed. They can make accretive acqusitions. Their problems integrating some businesses are behind them and they now have a strong runway ahead.
(A Top Pick Jul 27/17, Down 6%) They're transitioning as they invest a lot in tech to optimize the bank. The dividend is safe. But it'll take several quarters before seeing the benefits of optimizing. The toughest part is behind them (closing branches), so expect a better share price ahead.
They do unified communications (phone systems within a business), serving small/medium-sized companies. STC boasts a high 10% organic growth rate. Managers have acquired businesses well in recent years. STC itself is a prime take-out candidate by a bigger peer; if not, then STC will be a multi-year compunder. (Analysts’ price target is $2.99)
They run loyalty programs (flyer points) for airlines and hotels. Solid organic growth rate that'll continue for years, and generates high free cash flow. A good takeout candidate. They can monetize non-core parts of their operation which will boost profits and free cash flow. (Analysts’ price target is $25.54)