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(A Top Pick Dec 17/19, Down 3%) It remains his top pick. They have done a good job over the last few months and have maintained their guidance for 2020. They have a good recurring revenue business. He expects them to make some acquisitions in the near term. He believes it will be a compounder for years to come.
(A Top Pick Dec 17/19, Down 35%) They are exposed to the aviation industry. The business has recovered nicely from the April lows and they are doing much better. He thinks it's not a time to sell the company. He trust the management team to navigate the environment. Once the aviation and hotel industry recover, they should see gains.
(A Top Pick Dec 17/19, Up 54%) There will be more upside in the near term. They are generating good free cashflow, and their business is doing very well. Management is superb and the Board of Directors is competent. He expects acquisitions in the coming quarters.
A comprehensive unified communication provider for SMBs. It is still relevant during the pandemic. The trend in investing in communication is here to stay. They have maintained their guidance for 2020, showing their resilience. (Analysts’ price target is $3.56)
Mostly a SAAS based business. They work with the government for strategic sourcing and unified commerce business that helps companies sell products online. The business is really booming, and there will be an acceleration in their business. (Analysts’ price target is $8.30)