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(Top Pick Feb 24/17, Up 1.75%) He is not too concerned about the auto sales in the US pulling back a bit. This is normalization. They continue doing a great job and can make accretive acquisitions. He remains a buyer at these levels. They pay a healthy dividend yield that could potentially increase going forward.
(Top Pick Feb 24/17, Up 9.46%) A small cap company that has not yet been discovered. There has been concern about the Trump impact, but it is so profitable and has such a high return on capital. It will become more and more noticed by investors as they work on lighting for Tesla cars.
(Top Pick Feb 24/17, Up 3.56%) A Top Pick again. The growth rate remained great and they are a potential take out candidate.
Small ticket equipment leasing to US companies. They have a top management team that can manage risks as well as the company. It has a 6.7% dividend that is sustainable and could be raised. They are a prime takeout candidate for major financial services companies. (Analysts’ target: $15.50).
They are growing organically very nicely and making accretive acquisitions as well. They have a record backlog right now that will translate into results next year and they expect their margin to increase after the most recent integration is complete. (Analysts’ target: $5.28).